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10/20/15 | 17:09PM
Scammed me, forced to pay 572.97, tablet scam. Can i get a lawyer and sue?

So i went from straight talk to verison. Big mistake. I thought to have a cool phone i had to change my service. Anyway i bought a phone and tablet, Bill was 130 a month. I never used the tablet and it made my eyes hurt using it so i tried to take it back. Verison wouldn't, so i called customer service. The guy i spoke to told me he would drop my tablet completely and i would never have to worry about it, and my new phone bill is 60$. A few months pass and i get a new bill for 230$. I call verison and they say its the tablet and the guy before just put it on hold so that added a fee to my account. Like wtf how does that make sense, why was i not informed?! So i pay it. Next month my phone gets turned off completely i have a 200$ bill for the same reason. Im pissed. I dont make alot of money and verison is scamming me, im not paying the bill. But i needed my gps cause i was on a trip to visit my mom. Im a college student btw. So i go to the version store and pay it because customer service was no help. They just cant transfer me from one idiot to another. So i pay the bill my bank account is now in the negatives. Next month i owe 290 for some bullshit they made uo that i am no way paying. So i go to sprint and do the whole buy out my contract thing. My verison final bill is 572.97$ wtf how the hell what are the charges? Oh go figure they can't tell me. Sprint gives me a card to pay 230. I call version and say look im being scammed and i will get a lawyer on this and have yall taken care of so the guy drops 100$ off the bill okay now its 472. Few days later a debt collector calls and says i owe 472 to them and they work through verison im like wtf. So i call version and they say yeah we gave your shit to them. So i call back and pay 230. Now i dont have the rest of the money cause im a freaking college kid who barely makes any money and lives paycheck to paycheck and pays students loans. Verison is evil. The only thing they want is money. Everytime i needed help understanding what charges were i couldnt get it online, on the phone, or in the store. Did i mention in the store version employees started shit talking because i went to sprint. Can you say unprofessional, tacky, and theifs? Cause that is what verison is.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 6BEB3B

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