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02/28/06 | 3:38AM
We were an independent authorized agent of Verizon Wireless

We were an independent authorized agent of Verizon Wireless and they flagrantly abused their agreement and breached contract by withholding their buildout funds for our agency. We spent thousand of dollars and hundreds of hours advertising Verizon Wireless in accordance with their ridiculous auditing service, and their dozens of revisions and submissions. We know they received our invoice for reimbursement on the third mailing because we have signature images, but they continued to deny having received the paperwork. Their idiotic "dealer manager" had the audacity to try and "re-invent" the terms of the buildout agreement (which has my signature right next to the Regional VP of Florida's signature). We also had no access to equipment, and rate plans, available to the general public--despite being an "exclusive" dealer. When we started selling competitive brands they terminated our agreement, WITHOUT 30 days written notice (contract breach #2) and failed to pay pending commissions or advertising reimbursements. Because it takes YEARS to litigate beyond small claims limits of $5000, we will seek the first $5000 in damages through that venue, but would love to get a class action suit going with other authorized agents. Since Verizon continues to benefit from our signage and advertising investment, why not do this to agents all over the nation ? I suspect they do . . .

- Verizon H8er ID: ECEEE7

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