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10/22/15 | 15:13PM
Nothing but lies and broken promises

Verizon cell service and customer service have both gone to crap.This is the short story.(believe it or not) i have spent many of hours and many of phone calls with many of broken promises and lies and never resolved anything.. I had 5 lines of service with Verizon ( 1500 shared minutes and 1 unlimited data, 1 with 2 gigs of data and 3 lines with call and text only) and now i have none. The reason you ask its simple. my children were having issues with not having service at their mothers house and my daughter also didn't have service at school.(In the city of Chicago) so i called Verizon and they said they would put in a trouble ticked and it would take a week and they would call me back, They never did. so i called Verizon back and they told me the trouble ticket wasn't completed and didn't have all the information ( another words some didn't do their job) and they would have to start a trouble ticket again and it would take a week, i said how about a network extender so my kids could make and receive calls while at their mothers, they said sure its $300, i said other cell company's give them away for free, they said they don't . I said i pay over $300 for service and you want me to pay $300 for a device so i can use my service, they said yep...so i took 3 of my lines and moved them to T-mobile. 2 lines with unlimited data $100, now both my kids have smart phones and don't have any problems with service and mind you both very happy. took my mothers line and for $10 she has unlimited talk and text and 2 gigs of data. released the other line to a friend. now comes my line,
i have the unlimited everything plan, and been having nothing but problems with service was told it was my sim, got new sim, same problem, they put in a trouble ticket, was told it was the phone ( note 3 ) they sent a Refub Note 3 same problem, told i had bad service because i had unlimited everything plan and they want me to switch to a tiered data plan and this was from multiple Verizon reps and techs, then i was told it's my note 3 that they have problems with signal on Verizon, so i said then swap out with a phone that doesn't have problems ( not a new but refub phone) they said they don't do that anymore they told me to buy an new phone but i had to wait till November 15 when their going to charge me another $20 a month cause i have unlimited data ($170 A month) for 1 line plus another 25/30 for a phone ($200 a month) i don't think so.so i switched to T-mobile and have signal everywhere i go. so called Verizon to put new # on my line and suspend it to see if my brother or a friend wanted my line while i was talking to a Verizon rep again, she was going to give me a device at a discounted price if i came back to Verizon i said OK i'll come back and give you a second chance. she was going to give me some discounts on my service and i could buy a note 4 for 299 i said OK i'll do that. she emailed me her info and was going to put the plan and everything together and give me a call back with in 2 hours, and guess what she didn't, I've emailed her and no response. so it comes down to if you like to spend hours on the phone and have multiple reps make you promises and tell you lies and promise to call you back and have poor cell signal, Verizon is the service for you.
Thanks Verizon
I've given you multiple chances to fix the problem
and all you given me were multiple lies and broken promises.
A Happy new T-mobile Customer

Techman - Verizon H8er ID: 5F8CE3

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