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01/26/13 | 0:40AM
Yes, I told my SUPERVISOR you said she was A COWARD

I called Verizon multi times trying to solve a problem and tried to talk to a supervisor. The first time was told the supervisor was in a meeting and would call me caller. Since it was later in the day I asked if it would be that day or the next. The first line CSR said most likley the next. I thank her for all her help and waited the rest of that day and the next. No call back. Went into the store the next. Still was not able to get satifaction, I call custemerservice the next day and asked for a supervisor, was asked by first line CSR how they could help and I explain the issue was not something they could help, that I need to speak with a supervisor. After about 15 minutes of explaining the CSR finally said they would speak to a supervisor to see if one would speak to me. Was put on hold for seven minutes (7) he came back,and said how sorry he was for taking so long but the supervisor would not speak to me their was nothing she could help me with. I ask the CSR to tell the she (the supervisor) to get on the phone and tell me that. I then told the CRS to tell her surpervisor to tell I said to say I'm requesting you to tell your chicken shit supervisor STOP BEING A COWARD AND GET ON THE PHONE WITH ME". I told the CSR I was sorry to put them in such a bad situation but I didn't like their management to be so unprofessianal. The supervisor still refused to speak to me. I told the CSR that he had done a great job and the company was luck to have a great employee that was so much better than there management. I hoped he didn't have any problems from his supervisor because of my call or results of any of my requests. He said no problem. I do believe I could hear he smiling. I pray his supervisor didn't jump on him. The supervisor big boss will be hear about it, for whatever it might be worth.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 9B4222

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01/26/13 | 16:55PM
As a former VZ employee, I witnessed the same scenario several times. Those supervisors have paid their dues over the 15+ yrs of service and have decide they do not need to here angry customers.

It was the way it had been for the past 60 years.
Just the way it is in "corporate america."

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 4EE5E9

02/02/13 | 14:01PM
I'm a current vzw employee, I know first hand that supervisors and management are useless when it comes to speaking to a customer. You are better off speaking to the actual representative you have on the phone than trying to escalate to a supervisor. Supervisors actually have a lot less knowledge than reps, this is a FACT.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 4FF23F

08/08/13 | 19:26PM
So what happen did you ever speak to a supervisor?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 98F6CD

03/06/19 | 23:10PM
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matthewfo3 - Verizon H8er ID: FA5662

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