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11/11/15 | 11:32AM
In a true market economy, Verizon would be bankrupt

I pay a ridiculous amount of money for 5 mobs internet, and they lac up the rates regularly. I get 2 mbps. When I call someone in the Philippines or India to complain, it magically gets faster for a week, then slows down and coincidentally I get a letter suggesting I pay more to sign up for a higher speed plan. The other companies all suck equally, and their ridiculous prices are nearly identical. This is called an oligopoly market, with high likelihood of illegal price-fixing between the big three. If our political system was not completely captured by big lobbying dollars, you would see a proper anti-trust investigation. That would lead to actual competition, and the losers would be those companies that don't give customers what they advertise. That would be the end of this God-awful shitty company.

Death to Verizon - Verizon H8er ID: 95A1DA

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11/11/15 | 21:05PM
I started out paying $15 per month (1 yr. intro rate) for "high speed" (slow!) DSL service in 2009, now I'm charged $32 for the same damned thing. It is a rip-off. At least I'm getting a low-income discount on my phone bill so that brings it down to what it actually should be...without that I'd have to quit having internet at home. Verizon has no regard for their customers. Terrible way to do business. As soon as I find a local DSL alternative I will get it.

Verizon hates their long-time customers! - Verizon H8er ID: F7F047

11/12/15 | 0:57AM
I couldn't have put it better. Thank you for not only that entry but also being intelligent and recognizing they are all evil.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 7AB96D

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