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11/18/15 | 15:52PM
"Free" FiOS bandwidth increase = $10/month payment increase

earlier this year (2015) I received an email from Verizon. The email informed me that because I have been such a loyal Verizon FiOS customer for so long, they were going to increase my bandwidth FOR FREE to 25Mb/s x 25Mb/s. There was to be no charge for this increase, which was Verizon's "gift" to me.

Two months ago my monthly FiOS bill increased from about $65/mo to a bit over $75/mo - with no explanation of why the increase.

If I owned a business and I pulled this type of BS the way Verizon does on a regular basis, my business would shout down and I would be sitting in a prison cell in some federal penitentiary. I guess it's important to buy politicians and judges as often as you can...

MJA - Verizon H8er ID: B2FED9

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11/19/15 | 14:40PM
i get some much junk mail with offers of free shiit (free cruises, free vacation, free food, free entertainment, free education, free this and that I've come to the conclusion that nothing in this world is free. Not even the air, water, freedom, etc. Everything comes with a cost no matter what. If anyone offers you something for free it's really not free. Naive and dimwitted as well as smart people fall for it everyday. Nothing is ever free, it comes with a hidden cost that will later reveal the cost of something that was initially free. Change that paradigm and try to get things for "cheap" and negotiate for "bargains" So don't blame Verizon because they didn't start the fire! it's been always burning since the world's been turning.

wendigos - Verizon H8er ID: C2F38C

05/06/19 | 2:57AM

MatthewJuili - Verizon H8er ID: AF033A

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