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11/30/15 | 15:10PM

I would like to start with a pay-per-view I tried to buy for the last fight between Mayweather and Alvarez. It took two hours for two coquettes to tell me the website that I had to sign the agreements. They promised to cut the bill but never did. That same day there was a 'split wire' problem apparently. I had to pay the tech person which I understand. But he took forever and couldn't find the wire. As a result he had to bypass the connection and I had to pay for that problem too. So I called the customer service hotline because of the problems and they said the pay-per-view fight wouldn't be taken off any credit despite the promise and that the wire problem was my fault because I should have called them for an update for equipment? Hold on didn't I just become a customer two months ago? So it gets even better.

After my outrages bill for three months, I finally finished paying off the fees for their lousy equipments. Somehow my bill still said $700 for four lines, Internet, and cable? At that point I knew the company gave a rat's ass about me. So I tried to negotiate the price and dropped a phone line. The person said the bill for next month would be half. So I wait next month and long behold the price was raised. Because I dropped a phone line and it was consider a new contract, I had to forfeit $800 somehow for that month with everything. Everyone person that I talked was rude on the phone and as I quote from one person who even said the following, "you paid over $1,000. Your job must not be paying you enough." At that moment I hung up the phone and called up a new person to terminate my contract. I didn't care that I had to pay the early termination fee but when I did, this new person was just as incompetent at the others. He only managed to cancel my phone bill. I knew something was wrong when my internet was working for a few days as I switched to Comcast. It was Comcast that said there was interference with their equipment. So when I recalled up Verizon yet again, they said that I only cancelled the phone part when I said, "cancel everything I have with you." Even my girlfriend was over that day to hear that I said that. So I had to pay the new cancelation fee and everything else. It was actually that the one time I had someone respectful and didn't give me a headache as the final caller. But after dishing out just below $5,000 in six months that I was able to finally have this headache removed from their incompetent employees.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 221B29

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11/30/15 | 15:27PM
I also forgot to mention that I paid for each bill monthly until somehow they began splitting up my bills into two parts. Somehow they made a new contract out of that too and I had to pay yet another new contract.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 221B29

04/07/19 | 15:09PM
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natashamc60 - Verizon H8er ID: D7B4E5

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