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12/03/15 | 1:30AM
Total deception and lies!!!!

Former Sprint customer of 13+ years came to Verizon for better deal and service. The manager told me Verizon would take care of the final bill from sprint for making the switch, all I needed to do was bring the final bill to Verizon and they would credit my account. So final bill came and Sprint socked me with a $1,084.48 bill, for ETF and equipment even though I sent my equipment back. I took the bill into Verizon and the same guy laughed and said they don't do that. So after 3 days, countless supervisors, twelve hours of phone time and a conference call with myself and another wireless company later. Verizon agreed to credit my account $1,084.48 and told me it will take a couple of billing cycles to go through. I even had the supervisor send me a confirmation email to be sure I wasn't getting lied to again. This happened 9/15/15. So I call today to see why it has not been credited to my account, got the run around again, spent 4 hours through the course of the day on the phone and was told 'I was mis informed and that representative should not have sent me that, sorry for the confusion'. Then I asked if I could return my devices and walk away from Verizon, since I was misinformed and lied to since day one? The answer was no, unbelievable. What happened to integrity or any business class at all. I vow that every day I will express my views any chance I get about this evil company!!!!

JoshKnight - Verizon H8er ID: A05825

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