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12/12/15 | 4:47AM
Suckus Maximus.

Has there ever, every been *any* company that sucked so bad that they could make AT&T look *good*? Ever, ever before, since phone service began?

This company is the *king* of suck. They make *United Airlines* look good. I have a calendar counting down the *days* until I can switch off this crappy contract.

1. Crappy retail store clerk lied to me about tablet functionality then refused to take it back although I tried to return it within 5 days. 2. Crappy internet application misled me into thinking I was signing up for a 'one time' international fee, but continued to bill me. 3. Somehow they switched me to 'paperless bills' so I didn't notice for months that I was being billed for the international service I didn't need. 4. When I called to complain they made me listen to *ads* to sell me *more* crap before turning me over to a sucky phone robot that *doesn't work*.

Verizon is the worst company in the world. You would be a *fool* to contract with them.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D37787

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12/12/15 | 16:15PM
i HATE Verizon as well. I love the commercial lies about how they do not throttle. we really have no option where i live. i hate, hate, hate, Verizon. unfortunately, they are the best option here. i wish i could be a big monopoly so i can screw people too without consequence.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: EF0882

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