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01/28/13 | 20:45PM
Small business sinkhole

I've had a small business account with Verizon to the tune of $114 a month to prevent my emails going into spam filters. Guess what? They are still going into spam filters! Since the "business" side of Verizon doesn't speak to the "residential" side, it is taking me hours to close down one account and open another. Verizon should recognize that small business owners are sole proprietors working from home. Hear that Verizon customer service?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: AE5EF9

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01/28/13 | 21:41PM
There are a couple of reasons why they don't "talk" to each other.
1. A lot of the software they use is not intergrated so other departments can't interact with each other. But the biggest reason.........

2. The union does not want that because if one customer service rep can handle all your needs then the company would not need the other rep or reps...... hence a job loss which the union does not want. So you can't blame the CSR when the blame is 50/50 between the company AND the union.

I worked for Verizon, Bell Atlantic, NYNEX for over 20 years and boy can I tell you some stories. A piss poor company for customer relations and for its employees. Bottom line.....THEY SUCK. I don't even have any of their services and I worked for them....That should tell you something......GET OUT !!!!!


Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: BD6B09

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