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12/24/15 | 4:58AM
First worst and only Verizon experience

weldon rhoades
lowell.mcadam@verizon.com; Wed 12/23/2015 10:32 PM
Dear Mr.Mcadam Never been a Verizon customer before.I know there's people who exaggerate things.And others who are just not happy no matter what ya do.But I'm niether so here's my first and worst experience.
I ordered the new apple 6 online. This was around 10 A.M. this morning.They said to order by 5 P.M. to assure next day shipping. So I did.I paid for the AM delivery so I didn't have to wait until ups brought it at 8 p.m. Well it's now 10 P.M. 12 hours later and the order status still says processing. Getting worried about mailling deadlines to make it by the next day. I contacted support via older model ATT apple.They hadn't even processed my paperwork yet. Yep that's right. The guy tells me it'll be friday dec.25 when i get my phone. Christmas delivery? Really? I highly doubt this. Saturday at the most sensible to me. So why did 9i bother paying over 600 dollars for my phone,Plus 15 to overnight it.And still get it some where 5 days later >.< Okay I am just returning that phone to sender.Walking into an ATT outlet and coming home to enjoy my old service with my new phone.
Seriously.Why is the word service even in that title? Customer service? HAHA.
More like customer".Please get off the phone.I know it's my job,But we honestly do not gave a (Insert word here).."
Verizon can go to blazes for all I care.I will never even look at thier name from now on.My very first worst and only experience with Verizon. Thank you for listenning.

VladDracule - Verizon H8er ID: 116892

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01/03/16 | 21:12PM
Why not call cust service & find out why your order is being held... you know, sometimes things can go wrong with your credit card, address, inventory, etc.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: DA09B0

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