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03/05/06 | 22:34PM
Add a line for 9.99?

I called Verizon Wireless and told them I would like to add my fiance's number to my account. I told them we were doing this to save some money as we are getting for our wedding. They told me they would send a form in the mail to sign and send back. The form came in the mail and I just about needed a lawyer to understand it. There were about 500 empty boxes. I called cust serv and told them i needed some help filling it out. They asked me if i could go into a store and i said sure. I went in to the Verizon store in Cordele, GA and told them what i needed. They came out with a form that had just a few blanks on it that was very easy to understand. Anyway, got the form filled out and left it at the store. Her next couple of bills came with no changes, as did mine. Finally on the third month, her bill came in as "0" amount due. My bill doubled! Bear in mind this was like a 3 month process from the time I first called Verizon to the time the form came in and they sent me to the store. And another 3 months until the bills actually changed at all. So, now i've got a huge bill. I call verizon to find out the deal and they said that i never asked to change calling plans to a shared plans, i just asked to add her line to my account. So, basically they just added her plan to my plan, doubling it. I told them that when i called i told the rep that we wanted to save money. You can't very well save money if the bills are exactly the same as they were. I didn't know about the shared minutes plan. No one bothered to mention that. I asked her for some credit on my bill and she said that they still hadn't received the paperwork for the swapover. I asked her how did the bills get combined with out the paperwork? She told me that she would call me back. She didn't of course. I called back the next day. The paperwork had now magically appeared and no one would give me any consideration for wanting to add a line. Definitely no credit. She offerred me 30 minutes free. I said shove it up your ass. I told her to go ahead and change my calling plan to the shared plan. Well, the next two months i have to call and ask for my bill to be adjusted because we had still not been changed over to the shared plan. Awful customer service. 3 times i asked for a manager, got sent to voice mail. still have never heard back from ANYONE. Verizon has lost me as a return customer, and i hope everyone will give them a taste of their own medicine by not renewing your contracts.

- Verizon H8er ID: 9CA48E

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08/13/10 | 21:03PM
You are a freaking idiot........ anyone knows if you do not have a family plan that you will be paying for two lines..........

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3643E7

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