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12/26/15 | 19:37PM
Verizon Security Guard Poses as Tech in Sales Scam

I work at an electronics store near a Corporate VZ Wireless. We work on and sell a lot of VZ phones. A small number of sales staff works with us. But recently, we had a customer come in to return a purchased phone, claiming the imei was bad. She was accompanied by a VZ "tech" to "verify". I immediately recognized him as the VZ store security guard. While doing a repair I didn't really pay much attention until afterwards while a co-worker handled the refund. Afterwards, I inquired and I ran the imei. It was clear. I logged into my own account and it would let me activate the phone on my acct no problem. I immediately called corporate to confirm the imei was good, and filed a formal complaint. Judging by past experience, nothing will probably come of it.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D9BE27

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01/03/16 | 21:08PM
"Formal complaint"... lol. As a corporate employee, I can honestly say that your ccomplaint went no further than the phone rep you talked to. The only way to send a "formal complaint" is to mail a letter to HQ.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 92BE49

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