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01/29/13 | 21:29PM
Paying final bill by phone once no longer a customer

...is almost impossible. Any automated number (and they're all automated) will discover that you are no longer a customer once it detects or asks for your phone number or account number, and it will hang up on you. Infuriating. After a few weeks of occasional attempts to find a number where I could reach a billing human, I called the sales department (where you know they staff American humans) and angrily demanded to be patched to a human in billing. That did the trick. The lady in billing was all surprised my experience was so negative. I advised her to typle "verizon customer service" into google.

Incidentally, I switched from Verizon to PagePlus. My 90 dollar bill is now 30 dollars for the same service, and my dataplan is free.

pharmswede - Verizon H8er ID: 4A694C

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03/29/13 | 5:33AM
If you know what your dealing with Send the payment by mail don't u think this the smart way to do it ? Your dealing with Verizon a shoestring ran company

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 6E4A17

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