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12/31/15 | 14:51PM
Verizon elderly abuse

I have worked in telecom and IT since 1998, and I'm very familiar with how technology works. I've personally had Verizon wireless in the past, with constant dropped calls in my home, so I switched providers many years ago.

My elderly parents went into their local Verizon store in Xenia, Ohio one day to buy a new phone system for their land line. Why they didn't go to an office store or super store is beyond me -- but they didn't. They're old, they don't get it. Anyway, these a-holes at this store sold them a new Verizon home phone system -- not just the phones! The sales rep told them "You should never pay more than $20 a month for home phone service! Let me help you get out of AT&T as they are ripping you off with your current land line package."

The Verizon system uses a wireless router, and considering how massive my parent's NON open floor plan house is, they were screwed from the start. But they know nothing about wireless technology, so when they were told they could get home phone service for $20/month, they jumped at the "opportunity." Of course the rep did NOT tell them they would have to pay an "early termination fee" if they did not like the service. The rep did NOT tell them they'd have to buy all of this new hardware to run the home phone system. The rep did not explain that the system is wireless. Basically, the rep completely took advantage of OBVIOUSLY elderly and technology-challenged people!!!!!

So meanwhile, I kept trying to call them and got an automated message stating something like "The number is not in service." I was unable to reach them for a couple of days and got really concerned so I called their neighbor. He went over to their house and got my mom on his cell phone. She told me that they'd recently switched their phone service and was wondering why their phone wasn't ringing!!!?? OMG!!!

I went over there right away and I discovered this whole Verizon system, did some trouble-shooting, etc. (again, I know what I'm doing). I found that the Rep never told them they had to activate their line, so I took care of that and was able to make a call. But several days of using this service, half the time no one could hear us when we called them or they called us. Calls would drop mid-conversation. I did more trouble-shooting, to no avail. I explained to my parents that this type of wireless technology is never going to work well in their house due to A, B and C reasons (tried to keep it basic).

We went back to the Verizon store and explained the situation. Now, you would THINK these morons would take one look at 2 elderly people and a young tech geek and know that we were telling them the truth. Luckily, we did get someone with half a brain who helped us out and took care of the billing, said they removed the early term fee, but we'd still have to pay for at least one month of service. She also said they can't take back the equipment and we'd have to pay for that too. Of course those were complete lies because we got the "final" bill and it was over $600!!!!!! That seems a FAR cry from $20/month, now doesn't it?!?!?!?!

I can't even believe this....if I go to a store and buy a product and it doesn't work, I get a REFUND!!!!!!! ESPECIALLY if a sales person did not take the time to understand what I NEEDED!!!!!!

So then I tried to call Verizon billing to get this handled at the corporate level. Would you believe that since we'd switched their phone number back to AT&T land line that now I couldn't even CALL Verizon because the phone number no longer showed in their system?!?!?! No option to just "press 0" to talk to a Rep! Just an endless nightmare of menu trees with no live being!

Verizon is one hot mess, and this elderly abuse is disgustingly grotesque!!!! I wish I could sue the hell out of these people!!!!!!

SM-Ohio - Verizon H8er ID: 1BC8C2

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12/31/15 | 15:00PM
Oh Snap! Well take advantage of the link I sent you on the verizon lawsuit if you can. They are scammers for sure! I know that from my very first phone bill!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 4AEAE1

01/03/16 | 21:04PM
Sounds like your parents shouldn't be out doing their own business anymore... time for a "home". The home phone system you speak of works great if you live in an area with decent 3G signal.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 192FE3

01/06/16 | 17:16PM
What you talking about is called voice link and it is crap I know I work for Verizon and they try to push it and we are out there for days trying to fix it

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F120DE

01/13/16 | 13:43PM
Disgusting, and exactly what is happening to my parents. Elderly mom called yesterday to say they're getting $200 overages even though they can barely use their phones (she has to stand in an upstairs bedroom window to talk or the calls are dropped) and the THIRD jetpack Verizon has provided STILL doesn't work! She was on the phone with them for an hour and they told her to call Toshiba (the brand of their laptop), that it wasn't Verizon's service. Right. They live in the northern woods in a small log cabin and spend most of their time feeding chickens and chopping wood, they aren't downloading movies or streaming ANYthing. They wouldn't know how. All of their neighbors have Verizon with no problems. But my parents are the furthest thing from tech savvy and were sold a super fancy phone. My mother had to go back into the store before she even left the parking lot because she couldn't figure out how to make a phone call! Obviously they didn't know what they were getting and OBVIOUSLY Verizon oversold anyway. What's it to them? I live in NYC, we have cable/internet and two HTC phones and we pay less than my elderly parents who make phone calls and occasionally need to look at their medical records online. I don't know what to do. It is clear they're getting fleeced (after her first phone wasn't working the Verizon store happily swapped her a NEW phone for $100 even though she'd only had the other a couple of weeks). They tell her she has to buy something, she doesn't question! She doesn't KNOW anything about tech. Great for a fixed income. None of us live close by! I swear, I'm going to have to move to northern MN just to protect them from these predators! Sigh. Makes me sick.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 478F79

04/14/19 | 12:28PM
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janee1 - Verizon H8er ID: E80C26

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