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01/31/13 | 4:32AM
Poor quality, worst customer service ever

My wife and I have had a number of problems with Verizon FIOS since moving and signing up about seven months ago. PPV movies were unwatchable with dropouts every few seconds. A number of calls were made with consistently poor customer service (hour plus of hold time with no resolution). Verizon did eventually send a new set top box that I installed a week ago. Tonight I wanted to watch a new series on FX but discovered it would not come in. It did before!
Clicking through the channels I found a number that I should be getting but wasn't. MSNBC was there but FOX was not, really irritating. I went through the self help to no avail. I called the customer service number on the screen. The rep asked for a lot of information that I had to scramble for but eventually said she would connect me with customer service. Hold music followed for 30 min or so with the rep checking in about every 10 min. Eventually I was connected to tech. The tech guy spoke fluent English (+) and asked for a number in case we were disconnected(++). Things were looking good! Tech guy asked for the serial number of the box, look on the bottom he said. I explained this would involve a bit of disassembly. Isn't it on scene, don't you have it? Ten minute hold and he came back with the menu option to show it on screen. Gave hime the number and he said OK let me know what happens. Ten minutes nothing happens. OK, he says, let me try again. A few minutes later the box re-boots (I had already done that in self-help). I informed him of this and said it had no effect on the problem. Line goes dead, elapsed time 55 minutes. I waited 10 minutes with no call back so I called customer service again. This time I was on hold for 22 minutes before connecting to a rep. I was doing other things with the phone on speaker when I finally heard "Thank you for calling Verizon, this is Linda. May I have your name please". I informed Linda of my name. I also said, with no yelling , cursing or any impropriety that I was an hour and a half into the call and I needed to move to a position were I could write things down.

At that point Linda hung up on me. I decided to take the dog for a walk and sign up with Time-Warner tomorrow.

Bill Klosterman - Verizon H8er ID: F2A824

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02/01/13 | 0:31AM
Everyone in the neighborhood is good for atleast 2-3 visable service calls from Verizon Fios. Never saw that many cable tv trucks in the neighborhood as frequently as Verizon. And CATV has 30-40 year old plant in several neighborhoods.

The most common complaint are resets and TV. Apparently the tv portion of the bundle sucks quality wise.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 9EBD4C

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Jeffreytup - Verizon H8er ID: F8869D

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