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01/15/16 | 22:51PM
FINALLY LEFT VW....Oh the joy!!

I have finally made peace with the Big V and decided to allow our 10 year relationship go. It is the best feeling in the world. Neither one of us were happy with one another. I cancelled them. My bill to cancel is a total of $585.00. I was very happy to pay that. You see, I have money...however, I do not have money to waste on a company that does not care for me. I rather take my 5 vacations a year than to waste anymore money on Verizon (In estimation, I've paid $24,000 to this company already. Bill $200.00 month x 12 months= $2,400.00 per year. Been with them 10 years x $2,400.00= $24,000.00 I've paid over the years). I've had enough.

I understand that I am only 1 customer out of millions, but it feels good to know that in another 10 years, they will not have my $24,000.

I decided to go prepaid instead and have the freedom to damn well do what I please. I pay $80.00 a month for mine and my husband's phone. We have unlimited talk, text and data. The downside is the data slows down after about 4GB of 4G LTE. That has not been an issue for us since most of the places we visit have Wi-Fi. I have had not one dropped called since I have had my pre-paid phone. I did have to purchase my phone outright (paid $200 per phone) since we did not want the basic phone. We have the HTC Desire 626 and we love them. We may go back to IPhone in the future, but will most definitely stick with the HTC right now. So lets do the math on my switch to pre-paid....

$80.00 per month for 2 phones (taxes are already included) x 12 months= $960.00 a year

$960.00 a year x 10 years= $9,600.00

$24,000 (Verizon) - $9,600.00= For a total savings of $14,400.00

So that's like, um, a couple of vacations...with the way this world is going, I'd rather travel, save and not be a slave to Verizon. I can easily save up my money for a better phone if I choose.

To Verizon, thank you for the wonderful 8 years (they started going down hill at the 9th year). It was good while it lasted. Thank you for helping me realize that whether I am broke or rich, I DO NOT HAVE TO BE A SLAVE to your shitty company. I'd rather live under a bridge with a crack head than to have to deal with your bullshit. I was always nice to your reps, I was always polite to anyone I came in contact with at your company, but you got greedy.

These other people on this thread may talk to talk, but I decided to put my money where my mouth is. You need me, I do not need you.

People, please do the math and get out of the company while you can...look at it from a long-term point of view. Yeah, I know with pre-paid, its not all its cracked up to be. However, I am not clued to my phone like that. Are you? I can live without Verizon and watch the six figures in my savings go up, up and up. But for those of you are paying out the wazoo, you may want to do the math like I did and set yourself free. Lets say your bill is $300 a month. That's $3,600.00 a year. That means every 5 years, you're paying Verizon $18,000. I chose to pay my termination fee instead.

I wish you well with this company....Its not all bad, but when its bad, its bad...

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: E60EAA

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01/15/16 | 22:56PM
Sorry for the typos. Still getting used to the HTC.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: E60EAA

01/16/16 | 17:31PM
So happy for you!! I plan on cutting the cord 3/17. I can't wait to call VZ to cancel. My rate of $70 will go up to $189 when my 2 yr contract is up in 2017. Since I got such a great price VZ decided to increase my cablebox and surchages/taxes. I pay $36.99/m for BS fees and taxes. If you get incredible discounts they just go back door and increase you hidden fees.

Bundle Discounts You Pay
Fios TV Ultimate HD89.99 -59.99 30.00

Movie Package Ultimate HD .00.00
HBO .00.00
Fios Internet 75/75 60.00 -50.00 10.00
Fios Digital Voice Unlimited 30.00
Bundle Price $179.99 -$109.99 $70.00

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 6B9BFB

02/05/16 | 19:22PM
Look in to MVNO's don't lock your self in to any contacts. Buy and unlocked phone preferably one that works on both cdma and gsm networks of course with LTE support. Weather you use your phone a lot of a little there is an MVNO with an plan for you.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F77030

05/18/19 | 10:02AM
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natashaqx4 - Verizon H8er ID: A57A1A

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