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01/27/08 | 22:59PM
Verizon can k!ss my @$$

It was Valentine's day 2 years ago, and my girlfriend wanted a new phone. We went to the Verizon store and wanted to pay for a phone that she was interested in. (At this time all was good w/ verizon and we had about 8 months left in the contract)

An associate approached us and asked if we needed any help. All we wanted was a phone, NOT A NEW CONTRACT. They stated, "Sir, in order to activate this phone you will need to sign this contract." I had no idea that I was signing a New 2 Year contract that didn't include all the perks that I had previously.

We payed the full price, not the price with a 2 year contract and were screwed for 2 years. The first 2 months i did not understand why my monthly payment had increased $40-$50 dollars. When i would call vERIZaRAPE, they gave me the run around, and said that we went over our texts and minutes and i have signed into a new 2 year contract.

Soo... They gave me a basic family plan with the lowest minutes and no texts. Before all of this i had more minutes and i had unlimited Texts on the plan. I went throught this for 3 months, and everytime I called VerizArapE, a customer service representative SWORE that everything was fixed.
And guess what happened... IT WASN'T! so again i payed over minute and over text fees... what a Fu%#ing disaster!

i hate them, i hate them, i hate them!

Not to mention! I wanted to update my phone and they said that i used that up already. So what did they do on that wonderful Valentine's day ... they kept the rebate money for themselves and charged me full price and screwed me into a contract.

I called verizon to do something about it and they said, "We can't do anything because you signed the contract sir. What I can do for you is write a letter to that particular store"... Okay what the Fu#K is that going to do for me.

I am glad that i was able to speak about Verizon and their CRAPPY service.

I hate them and am glad to say that on Feb. 15, 2008 i will NEVER EVER EVER be a Verizon Customer Again!!

Thank you for your time.


- Verizon H8er ID: BCF8D7

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