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01/19/16 | 21:47PM
please hire white people to work in the stores

dealing with shaniquatenisha quentavious jackson is a pain the ass.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5D7C07

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01/20/16 | 0:38AM
LOLOLOL. I'm sure you probably forgot at least one apostrophe in that first name.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 4F63FA

01/20/16 | 0:43AM
And your ass will still come to the stores to deal with the Black people. Go sit down somewhere trying to insult an individual that does not give a rats ass about what you think of their name. Verizon will keep hiring Shaquanishas and Aquanishas and there is not a damn thing your non-cultured ass can do about it. I guarantee you are white.

Whites have no culture so they find other cultures to mess with because their ass don't have one. Everything they touch goes to shit and there is always drama that followw along. You can say a lot about black people, Asians, Mexicans, etc. but for 10 of their stories, I can guarantee there are a million for whites. Fuck off! I hate people like you. I find solace in knowing that one day you and your entire race will more than likely die sooner than most think. I would rather live with an infested bed-bug ridden house than live amongst your kind.

SN: Black people are not going anywhere. When you wake up, they will be there. In the grocery store they are there. When you go to bed, they will be there. So looks like this is a battle you're going to lose because they aren't going anywhere. BTW, if you're white, you WILL be the minority in 10 years. So fuck off Tom!!

You tried to be funny, but for every white people who may comment behind this post....BLACKS don't give a fuck about you. ISIS will take you out quicker than we are. You better start worrying about them while you're worried about blacks. They hate your kind. Look around, while you have a bulls eye on the back of blacks, ISIS have one on yours. Fucking asshats of a race.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B24BDC

01/20/16 | 0:48AM
I'm white and this is funny to you racist, huh? It won't be funny when the rabbit has the gun. Our race is on the decline and sooner or later we will reap what we sow. I am just glad to not be considered in that number because I treat everyone with respect. I most definitely will not side with my race when things start to turn around. This is a post about Verizon and you racist had to mess it up.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B24BDC

01/21/16 | 15:01PM
i couldnt agree more. if i have to call a service center for any company, if the person on the other end is a black woman, i hang up.

nothing gets solved talking to them. half the time you cant even understand them.

its easier to understand non english speaking people in china than black women.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D48FEA

01/21/16 | 21:05PM
To the commenter above ^^^^^. Let's be clear here.I'm white btw. You do not hang up because you do not understand them, you hang up because you are a flaming racist, period. I understand black people easily when I call Verizon. Stop sugar coating it and tell it like it is with your small brain.

This thread is for people to bash Verizon. Racist individuals seems to become a virus these days. Where there is a forum where they can be anonymous, they flock. As long as they can hide behind their key board. I married an awesome black woman who is soon to be a Doctor. I pray she never runs into you. You'll be sorry, racist asshole. Go to Fox news page to vent about your hate.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B24BDC

01/21/16 | 21:07PM
"Half the time you can't even understand them." LOL! Comical! Typical white trash. Talk about blacks, but can't form a sentence properly.

SN: You'll keep paying that high Verizon bill though. LOL. Blacks are the least of your concern.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B24BDC

02/05/16 | 19:03PM
Race / Gender has nothing to do with the problem. Hire people that know what they are doing and are not idiots. Part of this is paying people a fair wage / working with unions. Unions = Knowledge. There should however be some checks in place but I would leave that to the unions. Put them in charge of policing / retraining. That way they won't constantly be on the defense. I've had my dealing with some of the more for lack of better term "ghetto" verizon employees (many races) and they are typically terrible I had one guy come to install an ONT after an FiOS upgrade and ended up doing most of it my self why he was talking to someone from his "neighborhood" on the phone. He did call someone to ask how to do something at which time I just did it. There is no telling what would have come from him completing the work on his own and it disturbs me thoroughly that he is out there on his own with people who don't know. The facts are the quality of the verizon employee and service has gone down drastically in the last 10 years. As this tread was started with raciest remarks I will say when I first had FiOS installed in 2004 two guys came out. One guy who had be doing it and a guy he was giving on the job training to. The trainer was black and trainee was white. I would much rather have the trainer as he showed understanding of how the system worked. Where as the the white trainee did not even though he had done a few and had been though a class. Now at the time the trainer had only done about 20 installs or so as the trainee has done about 5. But it seems to me between 5 and 20 does not add much clarity. On the same note when I have to help someone who is stuck on verizon wireless and it involves going in person to a verizon wireless store. Almost every time I've dealt with a white person I've had serious issues where as other races not as much.

White_Guy - Verizon H8er ID: C00C9A

02/10/16 | 4:59AM
lol at the white nig.

married a black woman, doctor.... lol. yeah right.

blacks are a plague. non human savages. dumbest things on the planet. doctor... lol...

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 8CF07F

02/10/16 | 22:00PM
Racist people are funny...small brains and so much hate. Must feel good going to bed at night knowing that the next day you'll wake up and there will be a black person on every corner. Get comfy folks, blacks are not going anywhere anytime soon. According to stats, whites will be the minority soon. You're dying off quicker than you can make babies. You're worried about black people and ISIS wants to kill your entire race. LMBO...so funny!! I love it. I really do! Your words don't hurt blacks, they empower!! My co-workers and I are having a great time laughing at these people. BTW, how's Verizon still treating yah. LOL

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B24BDC

02/10/16 | 22:05PM
He said she is soon to be a doctor. Congrats on marrying a soon to be doctor. Typical white racist asshats. Cannot seem to comprehend a damn thing. Racist people make my ass itch. You'll be sorry in the end though.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B24BDC

02/24/19 | 13:35PM
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Jeacarp - Verizon H8er ID: 1FDEA2

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