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01/21/16 | 20:34PM
Verizon is the worst company ever EVER.

I have always hated verizon ---- if they can find a way to rip you off, they will.

I had found myself with a new job that was at a university. I signed up for a professional upgrade to dropbox.

All of a sudden, my data usage was going thru the roof! COuldn't figure out why. Kept getting warnings that every 5 minutes, I was using another gigabyte of data. I tried to figure out the problem, and never did. A few months later, my MacBook Pro died and I had to get a new computer pronto. I borrowed one from my university library and the same overage warnngs started happening. I called tech support at Verizon who said it was a SIM card problem and they would send a new one. They did. When I called to activat it, th new tech services person said "IT is not the sim card. IT is your computer."

So I got a new computer, and the same problem . Nowhere did I get warning messages from Dropbox, but I DID keep getting messages warnings me I had gone 80GBytes over my monthly allotment and was using new data at the rate of 1 GByte every five minutes.

I was on the phone with verizon incessantly. All they EVER did was promise they would work on it, but were going home right then. Upgrade to the next highest level of data storage to stop the overage charges, and they would take care of it all the next business day.

Never heard back from the same person. When I called them, their personnel varied from clueless to arrogant asshole. One guy, Steve, said, when I said, "So if you were me, what would YOU do?", ----- "I wouldn't HAVE these problems because I KNOW how MY computer works."

Finally got a cheap laptop (could no longer afford to replace my mac) and got a message that said "You dropbox syncing is complte." NO ONE at Verizon thought to warn me that was the likely source of the problem? I Had not idea!

So now I have a $2500 verizon bill that is NOT payable in installments. every time I pay another $1000, I get warning messages, that unless I pay the full amount owed, they will cut off my phone.

The latest? My hot spot died. At Best Buy, I have the option of buying a new hot spot for $1 IF I buy another whole 2 year contract, while STILL paying for the old hotspot line that is now inoperable.

Otherwise, I have to buy a ne hotspot at full price, namely $249.

Verizon is trying to bleed me to death. I have tried just getting the name of the CEO and an address at which to write all of these complaints out and get this! That information is apparently top secret and cannot be found out!

I have spoken with at least THIRTY people at Verizon, and paid THOUSANDS of dollars for soething I had nothing to do with, and I cannot gt any satisfaction from these people whatsoever.

I will NEVER sign up for another contract with these assholes again.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: E7F9F2

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01/24/16 | 9:37AM
As a VZW Tech agent myself, I greatly apologize for my colleages' ignorance. I am a computer tech geek and would have helped you resolve your issue day one. Yes, it may fall out of our 'scope of support,' but as long as I help the customer, that's what counts. Sadly, these charges would very likely be concidered legit. Please remember that computers use MUCH MORE DATA than phones do.

(I do not speak on VZW's behalf. Just out of own experiences.)

VZW Tech Agent - Verizon H8er ID: 0ED5BF

01/25/16 | 23:23PM
This is your fault not Verizon. Own up to what you did.drop box saves files why would you use your hot spot fir that that's just dump

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 50A772

02/15/16 | 13:12PM
1GB every 5 minutes is (probably very) hard to do on a cellular wireless connection. Something is dreadfully wrong here, and you should have gotten a good consultant to look into this.

Peter Jay - Verizon H8er ID: 9CD7CF

02/25/19 | 19:15PM

AleksandrNip - Verizon H8er ID: DEBAF7

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