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01/26/16 | 14:29PM

PO Box 660

Hemphill, TX



Dear Sir/Madam,

My account number is 524914613-00001

Former service address: XXXXXXXXXXX, Brookeland, Texas, 75931

(Note you cut off my service beginning of December, approx. the 10th I believe, but you continue to bill me…!)

I am extremely astonished at the way Verizon continues to harass and attempt to extort me. As it appears there is no resolution in sight, as it appears the situation is escalating, and as Verizon fundamentally and cynically does not care about its customers, I am documenting my grievances. It appears now more likely than ever that this matter will escalate into a law suit from me against three parties, to wit:

A) Verizon

B) your appointed agent, “Mobile Destination”

C) the MD Retail Sales Manager, XXXXXXXXXXXX at XXXXXX, Jasper, TX, 75951

I therefore raise for your records and mine these aspects of what is becoming something of an Olympian farce.

1) I had ongoing problems with Wi-Fi charges and service from Verizon. Previously I never paid more than $100 a month for Internet service from your competitors. The Verizon charges were through the roof. Low earth orbit, in fact.

2) I was initially told by staff at the Mobile Destination office at XXXXXXXXXXXXX, TX 75951 that a date package of 10 GB was enough for most people. It was not. I was getting overage charges. After a while, I was advised 20 GB should be enough. Time went by. It was not. I was getting overage charges. I was advised to check with technical services.

3) I spoke on the phone numerous times with the service desk. They were seemingly sympathetic, but never called me back. A waste of time, as far as I could see.

4) I was back and forth to the shop at XXXXXXXXXXXXX, TX. There I would spend time waiting, and then the assistants, all of whom were pleasant, with the exception of XXXXXXXXXXXXX, would dial up the account, do things I did not understand on their computer screens, wait for connections (they were always complaining about how slow their connection speed was) (in your agent’s shop?) and, in the end, advise me to call technical support, or up my data plan.

5) In this way, I ended up at a 30 GB data plan for Wifi. More, and more expensive!

10GB will be enough…

20 GB will be enough…

30GB will be enough….

And STILL the overage charges kept coming in. Sometimes the emails were timed 19 and 20 minutes apart. 2 GB in 19 or 20 minutes? Some expensive Wi-fi.

6) I was now being told by one of the ladies there, that my Internet charges exceeded costs being incurred by many local businesses. Something had to be wrong.

7) On November 19, I went into the shop again, and it looked like I was going to have to raise my package once AGAIN. From 30 GB up to the next level. It was now becoming outrageously expensive. I asked for the Manager, because I wanted to seriously get to the bottom of what was going on. Several of the assistants had asked me if somebody might have my password, and be using my account, because the charges were so high.

8) This interview with XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX on November 19, 2015, I will now describe. It was –simply- unhinged. Off the wall.

8-1) I am a 64 year old gentleman, soft spoken, I don’t shout, raise my voice, or wave my fists. I am a published author, I read and write voraciously, and I am capable of expressing myself quietly and fluently. I have no urge or inclination to compensate for poor education or poor language skills, by using loud, obscene or threatening language.

8-2) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is an unsmiling, un-charming, cold person, who simply does not listen. She has a pre-rehearsed speech in her (limited) repertoire, and it seems she is well used to falling back on this speech. I suspect she uses it a lot. Barely had I walked across, smiled, and spoken ONE sentence about the continuous problems that I was having, than she just hit the nuclear trigger.

8-3) I was treated, to my astonishment, to a 4 to 5 minute hysterical tirade, quite un-hinged, delivered at decibels, audible around the shop, with other customers present. Playing to the gallery, as it were. I was asked how dare I come in there, shouting and screaming (which I wasn’t), how dare I come in there abusing the staff (which I wasn’t), how dare I… etc, etc.

8-4) We were standing. Her outburst occurred within seconds. I sat down, calmly. Most persons would have interpreted this as a signal that I wished a calm discussion. A person wishing only confrontation would have remained standing. I wished to de-escalate the situation. No dice. XXXXXXXXXXXX, glaring and angry, remained standing. And ranting. Instantly angry.

8-5) Eventually, there was a pause. Phew. All I managed to say –quietly- was something along the lines of: “Can I say something now…?” And off she went again. Virtually the same tirade as described above. She was now looking very foolish, because clearly, I was not playing the role I was supposed to play. To wit, become angry. I was very calm. Disgusted, but calm.

8-6) This bizarre, not even rational cycle repeated five or six times. She would rant on about ‘how dare I come in there, shouting and swearing’ (when I wasn’t), carry on for five minutes, playing to the gallery (other staff and customers in the shop), and glare furiously at me. I got the impression the lady had some serious issues. I worked in Law Enforcement, and I know how to conduct myself faced with such hysteria. Stay calm.

8-7) The situation was ludicrous. We had now gone down the same road at least a half dozen times. I would speak one sentence (“Can I say something now….?”) and XXXXXXXXXXX would trip off on her (customary?) speech. It was now obvious that rational communication was not going to be achieved. I said I would like to speak to her supervisor, and I requested that person’s name and telephone number. At that, she became clearly furious, and her face went dark. She spoke a name furiously, which was unintelligible. No phone number. I said I did not catch the name, could she repeat the name, and give me a phone number. Her reply was that she would get her supervisor to call me. That was not acceptable, but that could be anybody calling, her boyfriend or husband, or who ever. I repeated my request. She repeated that she would get her supervisor to call me.

8-8) I decided we were getting nowhere. I saw her visiting card facing me, in a plastic tray. The way you do, when you want customers to take a free card. There is a whole stack of them, facing the “customer”. A drole concept apparently, that XXXXXXXX does not understand. I took one. Big mistake.

8-9) She immediately screamed that she wanted her card back. That is was HER card. I was holding it in my hand, and she literally endeavored to reach over and SNATCH the card out of my grip. I slid it quickly in my back pocket. I stayed calm, and assessed. I transported prisoners and high risk felons for years. I sensed the possibility of an assault. She seemed to serious struggle with maintaining her self control. She is a much younger woman, maybe thirty years younger than I (I am 64) and such an assault would have been a serious event, to put it mildly.

8-10) I said I wished to speak to her supervisor. To my astonishment (if that were possible, after what I had witnessed so far, she then went off on a rant, and shouted that if I mentioned her name anywhere, she would sue me personally, and take everything I owned, and leave me (sic) “sleeping under a bridge”. She was obviously pleased with that speech, because, for emphasis, it was repeated to me multiple times. The “bridge thing” appears to be a corner stone of her thinking. Apparently, she “knows a good lawyer”. She may need one.

8-10) I was then (high decibels) ORDERED OUT OF THE SHOP. It seemed pointless to stay. I left. I was thus unable to arrange a yet higher rate plan, 40GB I guess, which would have dramatically reduced the overage charges. (cycle ended 23 November)

I was there in good time, 4 days before the end of the cycle. I have explained this to various Verizon reps. Yes, I can do that on the Internet, but having spoken to Verizon reps, and the whole charging system being under investigation (so I was told) I thought that was in hand. Apparently not. Pay up, Mister.

9) I have now explained to a veritable phalanx of “very concerned” Verizon representatives, my concerns. Nothing has been done to address my grievances. The only thing that continues is attempts to collect debt.

10) Total current charges due by December 17 were $553.39 for ONE MONTH. I hardly used the telephone. Most of that is WIFI. Clearly, something is wrong. During that time I started going to the Jasper Public library quite a few times, to use their WIFI for free. No difference. Still charges occurring.

11) There was balance forward due of $370. Combined, this bill dated October 23 – Nov 22 shows accumulated $923.48

12) I then spoke by phone to multiple Verizon representatives. That time wasting continues to this day. Some of those calls were an hour long. The Verizon system does not allow full names, or call back phone and extension numbers. Thus you have a great big long call with “Vicky” or “Kyona” or “Randy” (over an hour that one) or “Mirabelle” (sweet lady), but you cannot call them back. It’s all recorded, with my permission, so anybody at Verizon that truly (truly) wanted to investigate this Monty Python style farce would be able to do so.

I described what I describe above in writing, multiple times. We went over the accounts. I never paid more than $100 for WIFI per month. Since Verizon cut off service approx. December 10th, I have a different telephone service, and a different Internet provider. They charge me $65 for unlimited, and I have BETTER SERVICE. Why should I pay $350 to $553.39 a month for Wifi? Something is clearly wrong.

13) the degree of heartlessness and callous indifference of Verizon is revealed to me in a number of ways.

13-A) I had a stroke beginning of December. I have been quite ill. I spoke to Mister Randy (for over an hour) who said the problem was that “Mobile Destination” was an agent. These are not Verizon employees. Verizon has little oversight or clout.

My input: How, as a customer, do I know that? That’s not my problem. I’m paying Verizon. I’m lost how this is in any way a valid excuse.

13-B) I said to Mr Randy that I had been 4 days in ICU with a stroke. That I needed my phone, for emergency use, because I live on my own. I said (it’s on tape) that I would like to resolve this issue, that I was willing to work out a compromise, that I would negotiate and make a part payment, but that I was anxious not to have my telephone cut off. He assured me he had made notes on the file, and THAT WOULD NOT HAPPEN. He understood. Two days later, Verizon cut off my phone!

My input: “Nice….”

14) After all these phone calls, the last call I had was some truly aggressive lady in Verizon debt collection, who interrupted me rudely every few seconds. At that stage, I realized I was wasting my breath.

15) On 1/22/2016 I received an email, telling me my charges are now $1,298.20.

Charges continue to occur? You cut off my service beginning of December, despite promising not to do so, and I have a different telephone company, a different Internet provider since then, but, by Jiminy, you are still charging me?

The only thing I can see there, is those phantom charges from beginning of December up to now show DATA, then that CLEARLY demonstrates that, all along, SOMETHING WAS WRONG.


I have now written 2,000 words, spent several hours on this, and I realize I could go on. I should mention that I told XXXXXXXXXXX I wished to speak to her supervisor (no response) and I told multiple Verizon staff that I wished to speak to somebody in the chain of command at Mobile Destination. No response.

I suspect that this will expand into a law suit. It seems the only way to bring to an end a farce of truly epic proportions.

Finally, I shall mention that XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is a morbidly obese, large black woman. And comes across as poorly educated, with a humongous chip on her shoulder. That should not have anything to do with it. But I suspect it does…

I suspect she has a history of stamping her foot, squawking, and getting away with murder. Because nobody in her chain of command, or Verizon’s chain of command, has the bottle to stomp on outrageous treatment of customers, REGARDLESS of anything else.

I remain willing to negotiate a fair compromise settlement.

But I suspect Verizon will just keep billing for a non-existent phantom service, make platitudes, obfuscate, and eventually, we will have to sue. That will include my emotional distress.



Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 86B0AC

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01/27/16 | 3:28AM
Verizon is the worst! Great story. Thank you for sharing, and I hope you recover fully from your stroke.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: EC9E50

01/27/16 | 18:48PM
I am sorry to hear of your stroke and hope you recover quickly. It was probably Verizon and this other store that contributed to it. While any company states the call is recorded, not all calls are. It is extremely random. On top of that, they will state they can not pull it up. If you do, start your complaint as an executive complaint. Don't even bother with a rep. Demand for a supervisor and have them escalate it. I am sure you will as you seem intelligent but make sure to write everything down, get their name or at least first name as most will not provide a last name, and I would ask for their employee id number. They can't give you their Verizon number but can give you the id number.

You may even want to chat with them at http://www.Verizon wireless.com. That way it is all in writing and you have a chat id number.

I don't see how they can continue to bill once the account is cancelled. I hope you or someone sues them for this and destroys them. They are constantly sued and while they have excellent lawyers, they lose a lot because they constantly commit illegal actions.

Good luck to you.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 934164

02/15/16 | 12:59PM
It does not sound to me as if a "64 year old gentleman" would be using that much data. I rarely use over 2.5GB of data total with my wireless plans (spread over TWO smartphones), and I'm a 60+ year old computer consultant! Unless you are downloading massive files or watching A LOT of video, your account is quite possibly being hijacked by someone. My daughter has a 20GB plan with 3 "connected" kids and a hubby that watches a lot of sports. I hope you were using secure passwords (and changing them often), because there is a strong chance that this data usage is not yours. I would certainly look into this. Verizon should have a way of seeing which devices were using all this data - it can possibly be tracked by the devices serial number or "MAC" (nothing to do with apple) address. And yeah, you might need a good lawyer; but that will probably cost more than what you're being billed.

PJ from NJ - Verizon H8er ID: 7EB349

03/23/16 | 6:52AM
Believe it or not this is about the response I got too.

I even paid a compromise I did not owe to get them to quit billing me for billing me. (Service was terminated but I kept getting bills with more monthly charges which they diligently sent me with no use of service and a closed account.) thinking that would end the farce. No! Im now being build by a collection service for the charges they incurred for billing me for non service. And this was on a no contract account!
Verizon Sucks. Dont do.it.Just say no!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D15B28

03/23/16 | 6:54AM
Believe it or not this is about the response I got too.

I even paid a compromise I did not owe to get them to quit billing me for billing me. (Service was terminated but I kept getting bills with more monthly charges which they diligently sent me with no use of service and a closed account.) thinking that would end the farce. No! Im now being billed by a collection service for the charges they incurred for billing me for non service. And this was on a no contract account!
Verizon Sucks. Dont do.it.Just say no!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D15B28

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