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01/27/16 | 3:14AM
Verizon is another big company that doesn't care about quality or customer service

It's been a year since I wrote this and would like to share with an update. I changed to Cox cable after I left Verizon and have had zero issues.


Verizon jacks up my bill after a 1 year promo deal.

This is pretty standard Verizon stuff here. I have used their service for 3 years prior to my last move, and when I had my internet hooked up at my current place, there was a 1 year deal for $50 internet. I received a notice via email a month before my 12mo deal was up saying that verizon upped my internet speed from 25/25 to 50/50 free of charge. However, the reason they did this was to extract even more money out of me when the promo deal was up. I made it tougher for them to do this to me by never enrolling in autopay!

When the promo finally ran out and I got my first billing statement with the huge price hike to $85 for just internet, I immediately called customer service and had them put me back on 25/25. I shaved the bill down to $75 a month and they were willing to drop me down another $10, so I am now paying $65.
When I finally paid my bill, I still had to pay $85 because Verizon likes to bill a month in advance and customer service told me "there was nothing they could do about it." So basically I am loaning them $20 interest free until next month and the next bill will around $45 when I get credited. The kind of company that cannot adjust a bill when said service is altered or fees no longer apply is one that I do not wish to do business with. Clearly they are not going to be my ISP for long when new customers are paying less than me.

I just got an email with a custom video message from verizon that greeted me by name and explained my billing period, dates, price adjustment etc. These were all things I was already well aware of and was not necessarily happy about.

Needless to say, I'm still not happy paying $65 a month for internet, so I'm going to make a call to Comcast and schedule an appointment for a hookup through them. They offer the same $50 for a year promo deal at the same speed, so why stick with Verizon?

I should note that when I signed up to get my Verizon service hooked up 4 years ago, they promised me to set up my service on the 5th of the month. I waited around until about 12:00pm (was supposed to be an early morning appointment) before I called and asked where they were. Verizon told me that there was a screw up and that the earliest they could be there was the 11th. What a great way to start with a new customer.

I also should mention that when my internet was hooked up at my new place, the cable was not buried properly and it was cut not once but TWICE by landscapers before they ran it the third time and buried it properly. This process took them about 4 months which I was later notified should have been done within 2 weeks of the initial install.

C'est la vie with Verizon

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: BE9E8C

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02/14/16 | 3:51AM

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A05095

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