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02/13/16 | 5:23AM
Beneficiary problem

If anyone has dealt with a situation similar to mine or can shed any light at all I would greatly appreciate it!! I have hit somewhat of a dead end but I can't let Verizon win!!! My father recently passed away at the age of 53.. A few years short of retiring. He worked for GTE several years ago and was fully vested. I believe he spent around 10 years with the company. He had informed me of his pension with the company and expressed his desire for me and my siblings to distribute his pension once it he was able to obtain it. When he passed away my family contacted Verizon beneficiary support so we could provide the death certificate thinking it would be a fairly easy process to obtain the pension seeing as myself and my siblings were listed as beneficiaries. After nearly a month of Verizon " calculating" his benefits we received a call stating that "if" any benefits were to be distributed then we would receive information in the mail as long as we were beneficiaries. She refused to confirm any details about the pension.. She wouldn't even confirm that we were beneficiaries even though we already knew we were. I couldn't understand how she could be so vague and difficult when it seems like such an easy process to me. I grew impatient after not receiving anything in the mail so I decided to call beneficiary support back again.. This time they told me they were still processing and would contact me shortly. I got a call the next day stating that the calculations were done and they determined that no one would be receiving any of the pension. They said that since my father was single when he died and his benefits had not yet commenced that they could not distribute any benefits. She kept referencing the year 2002 and how my dad terminated his employment prior to that year.. As if the company had made some type of pension overhaul for employees who were no longer with the company post 2002. Can someone tell me what the point of a beneficiary is if a pension will not pay out anyone other than a spouse? The Verizon rep could not answer that question and I am convinced that there is some way to recovers this pension.. She did tell me that she would send me the pension details in the mail but I have yet to see it. I fully intend on reviewing it with a lawyer if they ever send it to me. I just dont see how they can decide not to pay out the pension of a former vested employee. If anyone out there can help me in any way or point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it!!! Feel free to email me at peimoney@yahoo.com

peimon - Verizon H8er ID: 28466E

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04/12/19 | 3:36AM
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Jeacarp - Verizon H8er ID: FBCD01

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