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02/15/16 | 12:47PM
Internet SCAM

I was on a month to month Internet only plan. My bill was unceremoniously raised $ 8.00 and then another $ 10.00. I was on auto-pay and admittedly not paying attention. I called to complain, and was told I could have a rate $ 2.00 less than the original rate for 2 years. I said "sure, but you must refund me the overcharges for the last few (I think 5) months, or I'm cancelling and going with the local cable carrier". They refused, so I'm done with Verizon here at the end of the current month's billing cycle. IT IS ALWAYS A HASSLE DEALING WITH VERIZON CUSTOMER "SERVICE". ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS. Warning: NEVER go with auto-pay with Verizon. You WILL be taken advantage of. I swear.

Frust.Rated Again - Verizon H8er ID: 3538E5

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02/17/16 | 23:53PM
First off , ur fucking fault for not paying attention to ur bill, secondly, ur a fucking idiot by saying ur going with a local cable company because ur ass knows it's the same thing with them. Furthermore, you going with a local cable company, is not gonna waste Verizon's money it's your money that is watsed. Because you know Verizon provides good service. Better service than cable companies. Finally, look at the taxes that the government is charging them for investing in ur community so dumbasses like you can keep up with the world with technology and use the Internet. Think about it !!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A8992B

02/18/16 | 0:09AM
The bill increases are listed on your monthly bill and even if you don't get a paper bill, they are online. When you choose to build month to month, you are subject to price increase with any company. That's what a contract is for. You may think you're going to get a better deal with another company, but they have the exact same taxes and price increases that Verizon does. All companies are the same. New customers are rewarded for just a little bit, and then they are screwed over like the rest. As always pay attention to your bill. It is your responsibility. No one likes to hear that because they always want to blame someone else.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 856B20

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