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02/18/16 | 2:40AM
No Contract Unlimited Data We are raising your bill 25%

Don't waste your money paying for Verizon.
Paid $1,440.00 a year for one phone out of contract. That wasn't enough they needed $240.00 more
My Bill Mysteriously went up 25% due to "change in company discount"
( No company discount percent Change actually noted in bill just $20.00 price increase in bill for unlimited data)BS
(out of contract)
Called customer service (Spoke with numerous unfamiliar Indian names) asked them to undo price increase. They said i would get an updated response via text or email. No response.
Only reason for price increase suppose to be if i made any changes to service. BS no changes made
changed companies,ported number ported my phone
Switched half way through billing cycle.
I went to Verizon store with bill in hand said i wanted to pay outstanding balance for zero balance. (Trying to do the right thing)
Rep said it would be prorated based on 15 days use age charged me half a month bill. New bill arrives attempting to charge me for the last 15 days of no Verizon service. Called customer service,spoke with numerous other Indian names.
no one would do anything. Told me I owed final 15 days based on agreement. But was told I have no contract....... WTF I'm confused .
843 credit score. Tired of being Raped by Verizon.
X customer Last 4 2841

Account Last 4 2841 - Verizon H8er ID: AFC3FA

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02/18/16 | 17:45PM
I know its easy to blame the reps from India but bottom line its Verizon, or the fucking company that sells out this great country by outsourcing. They give the company they hire a script to read and they can't deviate from it. Yeah, I can't stand them either but its Verizon that is to blame. Assclowns!!! U can't trust anyof them, especially management. They will rip u off in a heartbeat. Lowell McAdams is the spawn of Satan and he is who is to blame. I know this shit went on before him but he is the king of douchebags!! May he and his cronies develop a painful disease like herpes or chrones disease. Better yet shingles. I pray that karma does exist as they will suffer.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2D202C

04/14/16 | 6:11AM
You morons, all Verizon wireless call centers are based in the United States. And if your company renegotiated their discount with Verizon, take it up with them. Why do I get the distinct feeling that you two sister fuckers are also Donald Trump supporters. Just because someone's name isn't Jimbob or Darryl, it doesn't mean they're in India. At least you two can sit around and jerk each other off while you wait for a two minute video to buffer on that weak data network you're on now.

I hate stupid people - Verizon H8er ID: 1D1124

05/07/19 | 3:12AM


Brucegrecy - Verizon H8er ID: 5A5074

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