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02/18/16 | 19:23PM

I had Verizon plan for the last 20 years... a monthly credit card charge. My rollover amounted to $800 once, at which point they told me this was too much and were going to remove ALL of my rollover dollars. I complained and started a quest to use the phone as much as possible, even if I didn't need to to remain below the $800 and hopefully much lower. Four years later I got it down to $450. My bank sent me a new credit card. Verizon charged this card. The card number was the same, the expiration date was not. Before I could get to change the expiration date on my Verizon account, my account was cancelled and they removed my $450 balance. This occurred on my billing date of the 13th. All was gone on the 14th. I talked to the rep for over an hour. The outcome was, they didn't give a damn even though the card number was the same and could have been billed as usual. They said I was in error for the expiration date, it was my fault and I would have to live with it no matter what. They did, however, allow me to start a new account the day after but without my $450 rollover. Screw them!!! I went with another provider.

Lazer - Verizon H8er ID: 11C14C

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03/10/19 | 16:22PM

Russellclice - Verizon H8er ID: 58C4BD

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