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02/20/16 | 7:44AM

We have had Verizon in this house for about 7 years.
Each year it has gone higher & higher & higher & the service has been getting worse & worse.
We started off with the $99.00 package which included 2 premium channels. and each additional box after the 1st was $13.00 for each room
We have 5 boxes in our house so it was suppose to be another $52.00. so that is roughly 160.00 plus tax
Every year since we got it, our speed has got worse,the television programming has got worse along with nothing but advertising / commercials, while the price got higher and higher, pushing us where we had to remove the 2 premium channels.
As of this month 2--2016., our speeds are this...
We Pay for 35/35 , we get roughly 8/33. ( figure that out) And that is at 2 to 4 AM when no-one is on.
Our download speeds have got progressively worse while uploads have stayed up there..
Our television is the lowest plan they have & still keep the DVR.
Our bill this month (which is never the same) was $263.00, And We have NO PREMIUM CHANNELS.... NOT ONE


We need to reboot the router every other day to get our network back, and this is router #2.
I am to the point where I am just going to get rid of everything and just get high speed internet and then invest the money I would pay for one months bill, and just get Google,Amazon, or Roku sticks and just watch everything from on line.
You may have seen the commercial where it says Verizon is the best?
That is only because they ALL have become so bad.

When you have 10 piles of dog crap, it doesn't matter if you smell better.
Your still nothing but crap.
And that is Verizon.

DAD - Verizon H8er ID: 5E5E91

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