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02/25/16 | 4:10AM
Verizon mafia

I went to turn in my deceased fathers phone. The store manager came out and said that if I didn't know my dads Apple ID they could not wipe the phone. I explained again that I'm turning in my dead fathers phone, and its his account. The manager said since she couldn't unlock the phone she would be charging me for the full price of the phone .Its not even my account! She also suggested that I go to the Apple Store for help. I started crying due to the stress and sadness of my dads death and the rudeness of Lilly at the store in Phoenix, Arizona. She was rude and insensitive and down right ugly. Instead of taking the phone and closing the account as she should have, she made me cry and then I yelled.....well then....hahaha they magically unlocked the phone, took the phone back. They are dirty rotten lying criminals. Never use VERIZON WIRELESS. Then they hacked my iPad which is paid for, and tried to sign me up for payments....whaaaa? What kind of cold heartless people would do that to a grieving daughter. If they bill me for anything else I will bring in my lawyers and they will wish they never met me.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5216D1

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02/27/16 | 1:59AM
It may not do too much but I would send an email directly to that ass clown Lowell McAdams letting him know of this bitch at the store.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 35F8DC

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