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01/30/08 | 11:58AM
Something Needs To Be Done About Verizon !

I am NOT a Verizon customer BUT since Verizon OWNS 90% of the cables and wires in NJ my phone provider leases from Verizon.

I OFTEN have no dial tone and tremendous static on the line.

I called my provider recently and they created a trouble ticket. Verizon repair sayed that there was NO TROUBLE on my line and Verizon charged me $121.86 ! I called MY PROVIDER again and they created ANOTHER trouble ticket. The second repair man came out a week later and this one knocked on my door, hooked up a device on my phone jack and went into the basement.

NOTE: I have underground cables and live in an apartment complex.

The second repair man told me there was trouble on the line and he had to REPLACE OLD WIRES. The problem was then fixed.

In the meantime I am disbuting the charge from Verizon and MY PHONE PROVIDER, neither who has done a darn thing at this point to reverse these bogus charges. I have at this point contacted the FCC, BPU and if I am not satisfied I will contact BBB and anyone else that takes care of these kind of consumer problems until SOMEONE takes this seriously AND listens.

One more thing, my neighbor who had the same problems the same time I did AND who is A VERIZON CUSTOMER called them. She also told me that Verizon charges her EVERY MONTH a $25.00 fee for repairs whether they are outside or in her apartment. When she called repair they told her to GO IN THE BASEMENT AND FIX IT HERSELF!!!!!!

We GEEis that some great service whether you are their customer or not.

Please somebody do something about this. I am trying myself.

- Verizon H8er ID: 2CF3D5

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