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01/30/08 | 22:41PM
found a new service!

i HATE verizon! I have verizon since november, and every since i have had it , it has made me crazy...My services were turned off two days after i ordered it, all they said was oops.I call every other day because my tv,phone and computer arnt working.Im on hold for 60 minutes every time, then im trasfered to a live person that hates there job and yells at me, talk to them for another 60 minutes because they have no idea how to do their job, all the while i have 3 small children trying to get my attition cause their mommy is on the phone with verizon.that is my day every other day, because verizon sucks!I am soso happy that verizon shut off my services again for no reason,but thankfully not my computer that i found a new service. I dont care how much more i have to pay I am happy that This week is my last week with verizon.thank god for charter.I tried that number that someone else posted and they told me it was the wrong number.

- Verizon H8er ID: 77304B

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