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02/08/08 | 1:38AM
Comcast has better service!!!!!!!!!

Until I switched to VZ, I thought Comcast was the lowest of the low for customer service. With VZ I started ath the bottome and just kept digging. We've all suffered though their hateful automeated attendant, so I won't go into that. Here is my problem. I've had fios TV since August '07. I record PTI on ESPN weekdays at 5:30. After a software upgrade a few weeks into my two year contract, the DVR no longer recognizes my request and I now have to manually a handful of episodes every few days. While this is a pain (and I regualrly forget to schedule, so I miss episodes). My main complaint is that VZ's response to this (when I'm willing to put up with the additional pain of trying to contact a human there)is "yeah, we know." This is just the on-going problem that I have with them I don't feel like typing about the whole HD/multimedia issue that they don't tell you about when you buy. Bottom line is that I hate them, hate them HATE THEM and look forward to the day I never have to deal with them again.

- Verizon H8er ID: DFBE75

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09/28/09 | 15:59PM
Yes,I always thought that Comcast had the ABSOLUTE worst customer service...but there's a new sheriff in town! Verizon absolutely annihilates Comcast. ANNIHILATES!

- Verizon H8er ID: B24AC4

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