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02/08/08 | 4:57AM
To the Morono who posted this MAKE VERIZON SCUM PAY

You have no clue about anything to do with presidential appeals. The line is supposed to be for emergencies services like hospitals and forestations. Yeah and the few presidential departments etc.

Giving that # out your are putting peoples lives at risk and you sir or mama (you seem a lot more like a mama) are a whiney bitch.

Pres appeals fuck one of my friends is on that team lol.

They will be changing the number by the end of the week if it's not already.

Were you too fucking dumb to just keep demanding a supervisor? lol

Damn man our departments sit right beside each other, they could have just passed the phone to me and dealt with an emergency like they are supposed to.

You are the most pathetic piece of trash I have ever seen a post from.

- Verizon H8er ID: DF3025

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