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02/09/08 | 22:39PM
Your stupider than I thought

Your reading comprehension is horrible.

I never stuck up for anyone.

Question..... did u forget that you can take the caps off?

You missed the whole point to the post but an ignorant ass like u would.

Ya know what pal some people know how to manipulate the system to get what is good for the customer.

In Verizon they are called supervisors and Pres appeals reps (only for emergencies ass!).

Managers ohh yeah those guys.
the ones who's job description is to make sure the supes and pres appeals are happy so they don't quit. Payroll and paper work, the life of a Verizon manager.

Must be nice but I prefer to just take calls from ignorant asses like you. scream at em right back hang up and call back a few times (till they realize who's the one who can help them). I wish to god I ever find out who you are cause i would fuck up you and your whole blocks connection for a at least a week and then send letters around your neighbourhood telling everyone it cause your a fucking big mouthed ignorant baby.

Man the end of they day is awesome when I can look back a laugh at ignorant fuckers like you.

Grow up baby learn some clout and somebody in life might help you out!

- Verizon H8er ID: 0C26D4

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07/29/09 | 19:52PM
learn the english language and then we can have a conversation. if i were to chat with you now i would have to have my brain removed so we could start out equal. stupider? lol what a freakin dope. should of went to school more often einstein.

- Verizon H8er ID: 7C098A

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