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02/10/08 | 1:07AM
Managers, Customers, Employees & Service

Over the past three years, I have watched this website. There is one common factor, poor service from a national multi billion dollar company that is dysfunctional. DSL implementation had many errors, craft and first line managers and employees were not given any support. Just sell the product. Gain revenue. Look at the number of employees that were on the payroll four years ago. Now, they are asked to do the impossible, attempt to sell DSL and Fios to senior citizens and to use dysfunctional software required to place service orders and billing. Not to mention the software both companies ( GTE & Bell Atlantic ) use for service orders are totally different. Employees were behind the curve from the roll out of the software. Just realize that most of these attacks are not personal; people have had it up to their gills with poor service from a dysfunctional money hog like VZ. Plus they play mind games with their employees and are the very first to start a court case to prove their point. I personally hope those professional managers and their "bung-hole surfer" assistants all get a case of the plague. Then you all could cry driving your BMW to the unemployment office.
- "Ming the Merciless"

- Verizon H8er ID: 4AA25F

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