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02/12/08 | 16:15PM
irratated customer

i am a 67 year old man who has been with verizon since as far back as i can remember. i had phone service with them through all the name changes and really never even thought about changing companies until last year when i was having a bad problem wih my phone being noisy and at times dead. i called the company numerous times and was told a person would be out to fix it in 4 days. each time i would wait the four or so days and then i would get a call from verizon saying it was all set and i presumed fixed. well, each time the phone still was no good when it rained,snowed,was windy or humid. i called the fifth time and was told another four days. each of these times i never seen a person working on my line so the fifth time i told the rep on the phone that i wanted to have the tech come to my door when it was fixed. after waiting 4 days, a tech pulled up outside my home and came to the door. i explained the problem to him and he then started to work on the problem. after 4 hours he came back to my door and let me know that i was in a bad section of town that had many phone problems and that a crew would be out to fix it the next day. i asked why he could not fixi t and he told me that the problem was in the underground cables and needed a special crew. i then asked why i was never told this before and after he called the office, he told me that the first 4 times i had called a tech was never sent to fix the problem. i was amazed. i was told by the company that the problem was fixed 4 times and a tech never came out? this so infuriated me that i switched service that day and also got rid of my 4 business lines. when i called to cancel service i was asked why and i told them the story and was told by the rep..."we cant go to every job we receive so we have a process in which we test lines from the office and if it tests good,then a call is made to the customer saying that the line is ok" this amazed me to no end. i feel i was duped when told hey line is ok, when in reality a tech never even came out to the house. i have been with a rival company for almost a year now and have not had any problems. i was treated with courtesy and caring and as a business owner myself i can see why websites like this are out there and why verizon is losing customers on a daily basis. terrible service and lies to boot. i am just glad i have a choice now and dont have to stay with verizon and i predict that this company will fail in time. thank you

- Verizon H8er ID: 5FB2CA

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