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02/13/08 | 4:54AM

You are loosing your touch wife beater.

look back through all my posts when did I say I would beat u.

I am not a violent grease monkey like you.
I have much more intelligence than that.

Like I said before your comprehension is horrible.

Hey here's a question...... whats the user name and password for a Westell modem.

come on you can do it big fella.

Take your time look it up online if you know how.

I know it's frustrating but think hard........

well maybe take a break we wouldn't want you to rage out and beat some innocent people.

why don't you get another job with another dead end third party dispatch company?

Ohh wait it's your criminal record stopping you isn't it.

- Verizon H8er ID: EB7A4D

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