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07/05/06 | 16:49PM
South Nashua NH Sore and Employees

I would like to take this opportunity to vent about a specific store, and its employees. I bought a phone at the South Nashua store, on the Daniel Webster highway in Nashua NH. The phone number for this store is 603-888-2000, and my salesmans name was Ryan Thonpson. When I bought my phone, Ryan gave me a twenty minute song and dance about all the various things that my phone could do. It dosent. He then sold me a music kit that didnt go with my phone, and a memory chip which didnt fit.
When I called to inquire about my accesories that didnt work, one of the girls who works there asked me which phone I had. I told her I had a "V". She said, "Oh, you mean a Razor phone." I said no, it was a V 9800. She said "yeah, the V razor". I said NO, it wasnt a Razor, it was a V. She again insisted that I had a Razor phone, and put me on eternal hold with the Verizon 800 number, so I had to hang up and call back. I spoke to the manger, Theresa, and went to the store to see her. She told me that the items that my salesman sold me didnt go with my phone, but kept insisting that all her salesmen knew what items went with which phone. I guess she couldnt figure out that if I had a bagfull of incorrect items that I bought when I got the phone, the salesman must have made a mistake.
Later on I spoke to the female tech at that store about updating my phone, and was told that there was no such thing, that they didnt update software on phones. That is completely incorrect. I spoke to a tech at the store at the Nashua Mall, and they are going to update my phone there instead.
Each time that I have had to go back to the store, I had to wait in line for long periods of time, even though I was there because of their mistakes.
This is an abbreviated list of examples of the dozens of mistakes and incorrect answers that I have encountered at the South Nahua Verizon store. If you are going to deal with Verizon, you should avoid this particular outlet at all costs. I have several friends who have also had many instances of people in this store who dont have a damn clue what their talking about. They never acknowledge a mistake, and are really quite snotty when approached about an error, and act like you are wasting their time. Which is unfortunate because they make many, many mistakes.
I have sent several emails to Verizon concerning my disatisfaction with this particular outlet, But as all Verizon customers now know, Verizon will never take action, oe even respond.

- Verizon H8er ID: 965933

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08/08/08 | 0:52AM
The female manager at that store who has the scar on her forehead is a total asshole. She constantly makes mistakes and gives incorrect information, but since she has no concept of logic she cannot recognize when she is wrong. She has a large X shaped scar on her forehead, and I enjoy imagining that it is from a customer bashing her head in for being such a stupid douchenozzle.

- Verizon H8er ID: 225761

03/23/19 | 17:38PM
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