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03/15/16 | 11:42AM
Verizon just sucks

I really think people who believe Verizon has good service only believe so because of they are told it soo. I have to repeat myself on every phone call, and it drives me nuts. Seriously I never had this problem before I have an I phone on Verizon. We had O% service in our home and are neighborhood yet you can see the tower from our street yes its a Verizon tower. We were told that if we complain enough, and get others in the area to complain they will turn the tower on. Then they suggested we buy a $200 device that uses our internet so that we can make phone calls from inside our house, partly because the refuse to use Voice over wifi. No I don't buy their bogus excuse that VOwifi did not comply with TTLY or what ever it is that allows hearing impaired people to use cell service. They used that as an excuse to have people use up minutes on their plan. Its over priced, the speeds are mediocre unless you are in a metro area with lots of towers, Voice service is horrific, and no "I cant hear you now", I thought my WiMAX experience with Sprint was bad, at least that was a transition period for then and as bad as that service was I could see why, then I had ATT it may not have been the fastest but was very consistent and rarely did not have data, voice was far superior to Verizon. South Charlotte area,Ft Mill Rock Hill, Upstate SC, Eastern NC Northern Piedmont are the areas of use.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 6B4D3E

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03/22/16 | 14:37PM
Hey Dumb ass, Verizon has wifi calling. You just need to know how to turn it on. If you're using iphone then update to IOS 9.3 for wifi calling feature. If you don't know how to update your phone then keep wasting money because buy things that don't work.

Educated Verizon hater - Verizon H8er ID: 33FCE0

07/30/16 | 11:42AM
Verizon sucks all the way around

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3AF4E3

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