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03/16/16 | 21:51PM
screw me

they don't tell you that when your phones come back on non of the limits still are set so in a household where no one cares about data usage except the one who pays the bill .... it gets rung up like it's a job. Make a call to get them to re set the data limits and it's the wrong time of the cycle. Call again to set limits and they won't help me do it, say they never do it, but yes they have helped me do it. Now 20 gb over AGAIN and the bill skyrocketing they can gth. 12 years I've wasted money on this company. 2000 one month in texts 1900 the next pay those and then omg it's unlimited texting sorry for your luck. good bye

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 946C5F

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06/01/16 | 14:27PM
I hate Verizon with my whole heart.

I was with AT&T for over 9 years, and they fought to keep me. Boy was I a fool. I decided to go with the BIGGER BETTER company for the better data plan.

My list of why Verizon is worse than the dogs that ate my bird when I was 7...

1. The techs are unable to speak in a manner that someone WITH GREAT knowledge about how their system works would understand.

2. I was signed up for a, "Free" service that I got charged for, never re-reimbursed, and the service never stopped. (I asked VERY SPECIFICALLY if there would be any additional charges for the little wi-fi box)

3. For the possible 15 times I have spoken to someone, in person, or on the phone, I have told each one my name is wrong. My middle name is listed as my last name.

4. I had a month with data overage, because my husband was a wi-fi newbie, and I WAS IN THE HOSPITAL, but there was no help for that, so now I have a $600 I can't pay.

5. You can not chat online with a rep if your bill is overdue (My phone is broken..that part is my fault)

6. I have tried to change my data plan to reduce it several times, and it hasn't changed (My husband asked to pay for extra data when I was in the hospital, and they took that as asking for a data plan increase)

7. I hung up on the guy that couldn't hold an intelligent conversation with an imbecile, and they kept calling me back...harassment style, after I explained that I could no longer speak to anyone for the evening with any respectful tone.

8. I was promised credits that I never got.

9. My employer discount was never applied

10. Verizon can suck a bag of ___insert your creative noun of the worst thing you can imagine here____

I hate you so hard Verizon.

Oh yeah...I forgot the best part....

11. Every phone conversation was made with me standing in my window, to get reception for my, "superior cell service"....no wonder I was cranky.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 9D15FF

05/13/19 | 1:27AM
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brigittevn4 - Verizon H8er ID: C63978

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