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03/18/16 | 0:40AM
Unable to refund

Early February we decide to port from our carrier to Verizon. The phone that we had was already on so, we were using our number. I go online, port is successful. But I couldn't get any one on the phone. Poor automated routing system. I end up having to go to a store to get the phone up and running. Paid an additional $25 + tax aside from the $45 plan. Sat there for almost 2hrs, couldn't get the phone connected. They offered a refund. (Actually the sales person didn't know how to trouble shoot the phone). Remind you it was the week end, I get back online to get my refund done. It will take 3 - 5 business days i am told. It's been this present day 36 days. I was told that I shouldn't have port my number out, there is no such account in our files, we can't do refunds it jeopardize the integrity of the credit card. ???? I documented every single person I spoke with, have the account number, dates of purchases, and bank statement. They don't know how to do a simple refund. I've been promise a check in the mail twice. Finally I was sent to the Verizon store where I made the activation transaction to get my refund, a rep. called in front of me they could not find the account or transaction in their system. Then the salesperson at the store would not bother to call the online service or assist me. I was even instructed to write a letter to Verizon Correspondence Team who suppose to do an investigation.???. They have every thing in front of them and cannot get me my money back. No one seem to know how it work. I told one person, PRETEND YOUR PAY CHECK IS ATTACHED TO IT. A simple refund, all the needed information on the computer, they can't figure it out. I have spent 50+ minutes on the phone with different people who attempted to help, no delivery. WHAT HAPPENED TO REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE PERSONNEL. The new word is Customer care....really, if they cared, thy would get me my refund. Corporate office will not return my phone call. This is the worst service that I have ever experienced. Would not purchase anything from verizon ever.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 0FB603

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03/21/16 | 21:52PM
I hear you! Just posted my story: 35 Hours Later.

millicent - Verizon H8er ID: 7D4CF1

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