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03/18/16 | 19:22PM
simple downright fraud!

Bought a Galaxy S6 two years ago, charging cover fell off last year and was told at verizon store it could not be repaired. They sold me a Motorola Droid for over $ even though I was elegable for an upgrade. Two days later I found the replacement part on the net for $9.99!!!!
Was sold a warranty with the Droid and told " If anything happens to your phone just bring it back and it will be replaced on the spot with a new one. Charging system on the Droid is failing and they will not honor warranty.
I've been a customer of this company (and its previous name bell atlantic) for 29 years! This is how they treat a long time customer!!!!

Unfortunately they know they have you captive so they screw you any chance they can!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A79133

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03/22/16 | 14:28PM
Why would you be dumb enough to pay top $ for a Motorola droid to replace a Galaxy S6! On top on that you're dumb enough to buy warranty on a piece of shit phone that is worthless!! hahaha

On top of your stupidity, you have a faulty charging system and you think your warranty will cover a faulty charger??!! Do you understand that warranty covers only the worthless Droid and not the accessories.

You are just another uneducated Verizon hater.

Educated Verizon hater - Verizon H8er ID: 15E41D

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