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02/07/13 | 4:47AM
THEIVES be vigilant about billing!

I have been a verizon customer for more than 10 years. I was an alltel unlimited plan. Ever since verizon took over I have had billing issue after billing issue. Each time it takes dozens of calls, hours and hours of calling and calling to be transferred or hung up on. Luckily I have been persistant enough to regain most of my losses which is most cases was $500-$800 of "overages" plus reconnect fees the following billing. It never fails every few months there is another issue. They ARE STEALING! many people do not have the patience and persistance to follow it to the bitter end to get their money back. SOO many times they have said Yes your right it was an error and we are prepared to credit you 50%. REALLY? 50% of an $800 error? then slap me with reconnect fees for 4 phone lines and a late fee.(thats nearly $100) If every customer overlooks a $5 0r $10 dollar discrepancy they are making A. their monthly fee and usage B. a side income of ripping people off. Most recently after switching to share plan; was in a great debacle in which it took me 4 MONTHS to straighten out, and I consider myself lucky! as I finally was credited about $350 when my data usage suddenly spiked from 4-5 GB to 35GB, did I mention I only have a dial up usb mobile connection and 2 smart phones that did not even total 1GB between the two. The 4th phone is basic. I figure I only got screwed out of about $250 in overages after the credit. This amount of usage is virtually physically impossible with this hardware. It is now the next month and on my phone that has blocked everything--blocked ringtones,music,video,purchases etc. I have a 9.99/mo subscription. Again I call, ask about the specific blocks on this line, yep blocked blocked blocked, They did take it off, amazingly! and IN ONE CALL!!! But not before attempting to explain it away as I must have subscribed to something somehow. But I say VIGILANCE they are THEIVES. Constantly messing with my bill. I do not switch providers because it is only one of two reliable providers in my area and the service is much better plus all of my hardware would need to be changed. But make no mistake I do my best to keep records, watch every bill, and dispute every discrepency.

mydahon - Verizon H8er ID: 4FFA37

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02/12/13 | 16:55PM
Well said! I was consistently over billed in the same manner and with the same uncompromising insistence, and then they tacked on reconnect fees to further hurt my small business. These people have got to pay for what they've done to America (home of those raped by Verizon).

Jordan Bockart - Verizon H8er ID: C73421

02/24/19 | 22:25PM

Faddeyengig - Verizon H8er ID: 7AF69E

03/18/19 | 17:36PM

traktornok - Verizon H8er ID: 58914E

03/23/19 | 19:30PM

Romanraite - Verizon H8er ID: F1FE03

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