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03/20/16 | 15:02PM
Don't even know if this will work...

I never wanted Verizon, but the place I live provides it for free. It was fine for the first few months, but now, I can't even upload or download files without the internet grinding to a complete halt and kicking me off the wireless router for literally NO reason.

I've run scans on my laptop day after day, and checked all settings, there's no reason it shouldn't be working.

Now the tablet and PS3 that are on the network are experiencing the same random disconnects.
It can only be Verizon's junky hardware. It's literally the only thing all devices have in common. One Asus laptop, one iPad, one PS3, and none of them can keep an internet connection going for long anymore, and it's ALWAYS slow, even the 5G. If this post even goes through, I'll die of shock.

BeerNerd - Verizon H8er ID: BABCB0

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03/22/16 | 14:10PM
Problems do occur from time to time. If you find that you lose internet connection and you've checked that all hardware and wires are properly connected than common sense would tell you to call Verizon to open up a ticket and have a technician visit your home to fix the problem! Most likely it can be your box outside your home is not working and a technician can replace to box in 1 hr.

Educated Verizon hater - Verizon H8er ID: 51BAA7

02/26/19 | 5:33AM

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lonnygixer - Verizon H8er ID: 8EC2F8

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