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03/21/16 | 21:20PM
36 Hours Later

On March 1st I ordered a new Verizon phone, which turned out to be defective, so I tried tech support troubleshooting, which did not repair the problem, so a replacement was mailed ONLY it didn't arrive. Instead my order was canceled and Verizon offered many stories as to why: there was an address in Texas on my acct (I never lived in Texas); There was a fraud notice on my account. I spoke with US and International Fraud FOUR TIMES. After maybe FORTY calls with Verizon they finally shipped out my replacement phone, which was re-furbished NOT NEW! I am now on hold for the 41st time and have been for an hour. IF I could change phone service, I would but Verizon is the only service that provides adequate cell coverage where I live.

millicent - Verizon H8er ID: 08B7CB

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03/22/16 | 14:19PM
Wow! You are a dumb ass in so many levels where do I start???

What is a "Verizon phone"?? Verizon does not make smart phones. Next time take a good look at your phone and you will see the name of the phone and the manufacturer. If it say iphone than it's most likely from a company called "APPLE"

If you just realized that you mailing address was incorrect after so many years how have you been paying your bill every month? Has mommy been paying your bill online for you? If you've never seen a Verizon bill shouldn't you have logged into you account to check where your bill mailing address?

When you spoke to Verizon to get a replacement phone shouldn't you have confirmed the address or AT LEAST mention that you've never received any mail from Verizon? They would have told you that your bill and all equipment is being sent to an address in Texas.

Any way you look at this one thing is apparent. YOU ARE A DUMB ASS!!

Educated Verizon hater - Verizon H8er ID: 92E275

04/07/16 | 1:26AM
1) My phone says Verizon on it and it was purchased FROM Verizon. It is manufactured by LG. It is NOT an iPhone. It is a basic phone.
2) The Verizon REP claimed my address had been changed online in 2011 from Calif to Texas. I did NOT change it, a TX address never showed up in my profile AND my Verizon bills have been mailed to my Calif address for the past FIFTEEN YEARS, which I pointed out.
3) I also DID check the address each time the re-order was placed, but somewhere in the Verizon miasma the address was switched from CA to TX.
4) All I wanted to do was return/exchange an inoperable phone, which seems to be impossible.
5) Today the Executive Office contacted me and the rep SPENT four hours with Verizon fraud and Customer Service trying to sort things out. So far? No resolution.

millicent - Verizon H8er ID: 08B7CB

03/18/19 | 4:24AM
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delorishy69 - Verizon H8er ID: B34AAB

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