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03/25/16 | 17:53PM
stay away from this corpooration

I had verizon for a bit over 3 months and they only gave me reliable service for the first month. For the second and third months most calls just simply would not go through. After several hours on the phone talking to their customer service agents and stopping into a few stores they finally came to the conclusion that it was a phone problem. My phone was under warranty and they promised to send me out a replacement, which they never did. In hindsight this was more than likely a stall tactic to be able to try and collect on a "early termination fee". They have since then sent off my account to a collection agency because at the end I told them I was not going to pay to be lied to and have really horrible cellular service.

justICE - Verizon H8er ID: 16E641

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03/06/19 | 4:05AM


Miguelgaify - Verizon H8er ID: A92CB0

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