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07/21/06 | 12:31PM
Number porting delay tactic!

I did away with Verizon at both my home and workshop addresses and went with Optimum Voice once I knew I could port the number.

The workshop number was in two locations, one at my house location and I had an off premises extension about 6 miles away which I paid a premium line charge on for the last 20 years.

When 911 was introduced in our area my brother, who works as a dispatcher for 911 checked and verified both my lines for accuracy as it was confusing having the one number for two different locations, especially if one of them was used for an emergency. At the same time he checked my single home phone. All addresses matched the locations and have never been changed.

When I went to switch over to Optimum Voice they kept telling me my address for my home phone request didn't match the address from Verizon and they could not do the porting of my single line home phone number. I guess they use a 3rd party verification system for the porting. It took me a month to get the address correction changed with Verizon. Instead of just going in and simply typing the correct address I finally reached a supervisor that had to cancel my account and redo it as a new account with the corrected address and the same number.

I even had 911 put in a call to them asking them to make the change because God forbid there happened to be an emergency they would be sending help to the wrong address they had listed. That didn't help either.

Once the address was corrected by redoing my account I received a bill for a service call and the installation of a new network interface for my "new" phone service. How do you like that after 20 years?

I had to argue to get the charge removed. I finally asked the lady where it had been installed. She didn't know so I invited her to come and see it. I told her unless their serviceman came into our house, through our bedroom and into our laundry where the network interfaces are installed when we were not home I was not paying. I then asked what was their policy for entering a residence unknown to the customer when no one was home?

I guess as long as the addresses don't match the porting of a number cannot take place. I wonder how my address changed at Verizon. Not many people have the advantage of having 911 verify it as being correct.

The real reason I wonder is that my friend, who lives in another town shared the same story with me about how Verizon mysteriously had the wrong address for his house when he went to port his number and switch to Optimum Voice also.

Makes you wonder if Verizon is using this tactic on a regular basis to deter the number porting doesn't it?

A few months later I received a request to "come back" and they offered me almost the same plan that attracted me to switch to Optimum Voice.

I heard they are upset because Optimum voice isn't really a phone company, but an internet provided acting as one. Doesn't Verizon offer DSL? Are they really an internet provider? You tell me. One thing for sure, I'm not switching back!

- Verizon H8er ID: EDE603

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