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02/28/06 | 1:38AM
Verizon, what a JOKE!

Verizon, what a JOKE! I received a mailer from Verizon last October (2004) for a last opportunity to advertise with them before their advertising for the upcoming year was closed. Not much time was given for me to contact other competitors. As a newly registered DBA my company was immediately targeted for the big One-Two combination sucka-punch. The sales people there are very nice and they joked and laughed with me and told me everything I thought I needed to know for going ahead with my decision to work with them. You know, they make you feel good for talking with them. They did tell me there was a minimum one year contract but pumped me up so much positive superlatives that make me think, I would be miss out if I delayed much longer. So I signed on. It wasn’t long before I started experiencing problems. First they had all of my information wrong. My company phone number was completely incorrect, the fax number had the last two digits transposed and my email belonged to someone else. When I called to inform them they were cordial saying, “sure, no problem, well get it corrected right away”. Wrong. I don’t know what they did because it wasn’t corrected – not right away, try two months. They had a problem they couldn’t figure out. When I tried canceling, their whole demeanor turned around. Suddenly, the nice salesperson who talked me into this mess was not allowed to speak with me anymore. I had to speak to their technical or management departments who treated me like a loser. I’ll never forget what one rep told me, “we are not responsible for what the salesperson told you”. This freggin freaked me out! I never wished so hard for the impossible but I wanted so bad to reach through to the other end of that phone to yank the person by hair to where I was to give my personal best rendition of “getting your money’s worth” from a lousy fuck-job. Who was this arrogant SOB telling me how it was when I was the one getting screwed? I have never felt so inept. Do you know what I mean? Have you ever felt like waiting for someone very special? I had all kinds of designs. Anyway, enough wishful thinking, this is reality. So the next screw-job happened when I decided to adopt the “if you can’t beat ‘em but join ‘em”, crapful. Well that went over real nice. I figured I’d go along to find a more positive approach by forgetting the past and getting with the program. When they finally corrected the situation, I tried the pay-per-click feature, nasty, little somabitch. I was paying $140 a month plus an additional $15 base pay-per-click monthly fee and .80 cents for every click over the minimum budget. After trying this for another two lousy months, I decided to cancel the PPC feature because it was useless. I figured I got “royal blue” on this whole deal and was gonna eat it. So I cancelled PPC eight days into the third month and they charged me that whole month. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT $#%^! Their response was that they had to charge the entire month because I had started it. When I told them that any reputable company would at least prorate the service, they said a flat NO! So I asked, why then, couldn’t the CSR have told me this before I cancelled, so I could have at least taken the ride to the end? Again, I found myself testing the bounds of reality. It wasn’t her problem, she said. Now I submit to you, is this the kind of service you’d expect from a well known service provider like: V-E-R-I-S-O-N? Make no mistake, VERIZON! Yes, there, I said it. Here it is again? VERIZON! Honestly, I’ve been thinking of reneging the whole contract, even if it means going to collection. Hey I’ve excellent credit, and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect it but I figure, it would all be worth it just to prove my point! Don’t buy into VERIZON. Verizon sucks. They’ll rip you off and call you stupid. How’s that for testimony?...

- Verizon H8er ID: F895FB

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03/10/19 | 10:15AM

Lumblill - Verizon H8er ID: C7C717

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