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04/06/16 | 0:26AM
I hate verizon! you are thieves!!

I got this service because one of the verizon sales person by the name of Sam just wanted to make a commission.. this started in January 2016... My room mate, whom had Verizon service, moved out of my home, he said to me, V. you can keep it and make payments OR go to your same company that you had before.

he was to call me back to give me the verizon account number.. I was waiting for it.. 3 days went by and suddenly my internet was not working, I called Verizon and told them this, the sales person got me into another contract.. apparently one of the wire was broken and I still had Verizon service at my home. Sam,the sales person, just wanted to make a commission whatever the cost was!!! MF so he knew there was service already at my address!! but continued to want to lock me in a 2 year commitment even though I already had an account at my home address and active service! after he got me hooked into a 2 year commitment he transfers my call to the technician! the technician tells me that he cannot hook up a new service because there was already service at my address, I was working with contracts and needed Internet, so he said, you do have internet.. so I called a friend of mine that was a retiree from Verizon.. he came and hooked me up under the existing service that was active at my home.. 4 days later, they purposely disconnected my existing service and I was left without service for 4 days, no one gave a damn! I had to get out of my house to go conduct my business elsewhere! So Verizon not only lied to me, but stole from me and didn't give a damn about me, they didn't give a shit whether I lived died, worked, was able to sustain myself nor the dent they were placing upon my life by what I mentioned, but also by emptying my pockets, having to drive out of my home to the library to do my work and a having to spend money on gas!! ruthless son of bitches!! this nightmare started in January and it is still going on today 4/5/16 the bills have never been what they promised them to be!! the promotion was $50. for internet and cable basic service ( I don't watch TV) One day of which I have documented, I called Verizon, and after talking to numerous people and numerous phone calls ( a true waste of my time as some of them did not even speak English!) I have had this service for not even 3 months, I paid first time January bill $52.71 following month February $73.56 Now they are charging me $149.64 for March!! what the hell?? All I want to do is send Verizon and it's successors to go get fucked!! in hell Who the fuck are these mother fuckers ass holes??? trying to call on the phone is like putting together a piece of art work!! Honestly the conduct of this company and it's employees is like one sided... deliberately stealing to your face and talking to themselves that it was the right thing t do!! Thieves, cold blooded m f!! A Communist company if you ask me!! this is the best description ever!! by the way 11 years ago I had Verizon for home service... they did the same exact thing to me and I had vowed not to ever have them in my life ever again, even then they ripped me off.. even after I had cancelled the service, they said it wasn't cancelled and did not sent me a bill for 3 months then suddenly sent me a one lump sum bill Fucken Thieves Mother fuckers I hope you fall straight into hell!!!! burn MFs

VT - Verizon H8er ID: 150821

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04/08/16 | 0:14AM
I call bullshit. Service can't be set up in your name without a credit check.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B2732A

04/16/16 | 8:15AM
No, he is totally right. I searched on google on Verizon , about Verizon fucking people over because I just got tucked over. Its about the same with me.
Got in a contract, March of 2016. 90$ a month plus 260 initiation, which was fine. April rolls around, notice no payments were made, kinda confused, then 4 days after payments were meant to be paid, phone service was cut off. Called Verizon account. Said I owe 386$ .. What the fuck!
So, now I have to figure this shit out. But he is right, the employees there don't give a fuck, they just want commision , even if it means lying

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 249B30

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albertnn16 - Verizon H8er ID: 4765E4

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