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05/01/16 | 14:55PM
Verizon more evil than Satan

I will be as short and sweet as possible with my story.

I am posting a review on a new website every single day and forwarding the link to Verizon customer service... until they call me to fix my problem.

So here is the grand summary.

We built our home in rural pennsylvania in 2012. When we moved in... I wanted a phone and DSL line. But when I called verizon, I was repeatedly told that no phone service, specifically DSL could be provided at my location. At the time I did not give it much thought and just accepted this answer.

Unfortunately, our Verizon cell phones get terrible coverage at our home. I was missing important business and family calls. So, verizon suggested that I purchase a cellular base station to go along with my internet plan... costing me hundreds per month just to do regular business. I had this data limited base station for only a few weeks and discovered, it was no better then my cell-phone, despite verizons promises that it would be better. They only gave me a partial refund, kept my activation fee and offered no further solutions.

I spent 2 years with a satellite internet company charging me hundreds for basic, slow and frustrating internet service and basically no phone at my house.

Then one day I came upon an article detailing how verizon is doing everything in its power to kill wired services. I also found a federal law stating that I was entitled to basic phone service by my local provider (verizon).

Despite not having a phone at my house for 2-3 years... After i filed a complaint with the FCC about how verizon systematically refused to offer phone service because it was not available (I live 5 miles from a town of 5,000 people, its not that remote). Despite being refused phone service for years, after my complaint to federal communications commission... I had a phone line by the following week!

I promptly ordered DSL online... because calling customer support led to the same mysterious confusion about this service not being available but suddenly... I had DSL internet with unlimited data. The FCC called to ask if I had a phone... I did but was still very upset that this huge company with a monopoly on the market was allowed to deliberately deceive the consumers without any ramifications except giving me the service that I legally have right to (AFTER spending thousands unnecessarily on satellite and wireless services!) I got no response from the FCC except that the case was closed.

Of course verizon does not want unlimited data... this is their strategy to grow revenues into the next decade. So... over the past year I have seen my download speeds fall. My connection gets slower and slower, less reliable constantly.

It has reached a point where I can't even run updates on my computer or download files larger then 4GB.

Every time I start a large download, my internet slows to a crawl... and the download fails... Which ironically means I need to start all over and use even more data.

So here is where I lose my mind and started this project of posting my story on a new website every single day.

I started a new job in Healthcare. I am responsible for the health and well being of people every single day and I depend on access to important health information to make life-altering decisions. So... having an internet connection, updated software etc. can literally make a difference for someones health and safety.

After spending 22 hours trying to download a new version of Windows 10 and the time-out connection failures causing problems. I called verizon, 20 minutes on hold, 40 minutes of unbplugging routers then being placed on hold. Was told that I would be "escalated", was transferred... only to find that the next guy was equally clueless about how to fix my problem, and he saw no problem with my download speed on "his end". I eventually unplugged my desktop...Drove 10 minutes to the local Dunkin Donuts and used the free Wi-Fi to complete this computer update. It was pretty clear, the problem is my internet connection.

I did some research and realized that they might be throttling my internet speeds OR perhaps I have line interference.

I called verizon back and again 40 minutes of waiting but this time I demanded a technician visit my home to install a splitter on the OUTSIDE of my home AND test the quality of the line.

I was told this would cost me $130

I agreed to the fee, I said I don't care, I need this FIXED in order to do my work.

They scheduled an appointment for a Monday afternoon.

I waited at my home... NO call, NO show, NO email... NOTHING

Several days passed, No call, No show, No wmail

I then made an effort to contact verizon customer service.

Of course Verizon does not want to pay people to answer the phone and talk to their customers... SO... they route you through a ridiculous web of self-help and QA internet pages with NO way to call or email an actual human being.

So I attempted the "chat now" tool on the website.

Which led me to a "chat" conversation WITH A COMPUTER

that basically displays the same prompts as the self-help page with links. The computer chat system apparently does not understand the request to "let me talk to a human being"

But after 10 minutes and some added profanity... it will eventually connect you to a person.

That person again... went through some ridiculous prompts about unplugging modems and all this nonsense. By this time I am pretty much infuriated. I will admit that I was vulgar by this time and simply stated that I wanted a home visit, no more chatting, typing, emails or being placed on hold. JUST SEND SOMEONE TO MY HOUSE TO TEST AND FIX MY LINE

The conversation was abruptly ended by the technician and I heard no further input.

That was 5 days ago, I have started posting a negative review on a new website every day about the Evil and pathetic company that needs to be stopped. If I had any other option for service... I would not use verizon and I would even gladly pay more money... but I don't have a choice in my area. It's not free market, its monopoly and corruption.

As an interesting side note... AS I was writing this post... Verizon called me. Someone from the "missed installations department"

Pretty sad that you need a department for all the consumers you blew off

I was immediately irate... but it only got worse as her ignorance to my situation became obvious. She first told me there was no charge for tech visits. Then tells me it's only the first installation (in 2013?) that is free. So I WILL be charged $130. I said fine just send the person out here.

3 more weeks... I am scheduled for another appointment

I am annoyed with the time frame but more annoyed that they might not even show up.

She offered to give me a tech support number so that I could call and try and get them here sooner. How pathetic is that (we screwed you over, wasted your time, are going to charge you for the visit.. but YOU call and see if you can get better service)

I am not making ANY more phone calls to verizon.

I am posting and typing away, every single day, until I see someone out here fixing my problem

I might even continue after that... until some government officials realize that verizon is running a totalitarian regime and holding helpless consumer hostage.

David McAllister - Verizon H8er ID: 3E59A4

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05/01/16 | 16:52PM
Dave, it's not the outside Verizon technicians fault. He or she will visit your home, hopefully on your promised date. The managers are at fault for all your aggregation. It's not the service rep's fault either. They have the managers breathing down their ne is to stop any technician from visiting your home.
The Verizon managers for the most part are no good rotten SOB's. Hoping to get ahead by being this way.
I'm an outside technician for Verizon, and unfortunately you're not the first customer to complain admit your lousy service. We hear it everyday from every customer.
I wish you luck and welcome to the Inhate Verizon Club.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: CC8CDD

03/22/19 | 20:03PM

Yuliankiz - Verizon H8er ID: DEEA54

05/09/19 | 4:47AM
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Stevempinc - Verizon H8er ID: 8F15D9

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