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05/04/16 | 21:44PM
Replacement through factory extended warranty shipped 1hr away

My name is ****** *****, ****,****, and any other numbers you might ask for. I've got a question for anyone who works there. I simply want to know how this happens:

I order a new S3 through extended factory warranty, via online chat box much like I'm using now. "Anthony" who was doing his best to type substandard English from God-knows-where on earth, confirmed the shipping address as **; *** ******* St. APT **; *** *****, MI. Yet, the replacement phone ends up being delivered an hour south to an old address in ***, MI. So the question is, how is this possible? And, if you manage to figure that one out, question #2 is, do you think I should have to make a 2hr round trip to retrieve your mistake? Or, should I have to sit in Ann Arbor till Friday and wait for Fedex to redeliver your mistake? I mean, we know it's not Fedex's f*ckup. They sends it where you says it. If you like, I could probably calculate the odds that 17 consecutive, random, alphanumeric keystrokes happened to produce one of my old addresses: 1 in (26letters+10#'s)^17seperate events = 1 in 286,511,799,958,070,431,838,109,696

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 44E0FF

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05/06/16 | 22:19PM
I'm guessing you must have been a rude customer when you called in. That would explain they probably didn't care where they sent your replacement phone. Good Luck!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 37CAE0

05/22/19 | 3:44AM


HaroldWhift - Verizon H8er ID: 134CD3

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